Cody Responds To Fan Saying He’ll Steal AEW TNT Title If He Leaves It At A Steakhouse


Cody Rhodes is very proud of the way the AEW TNT Title turned out. The belt is finally done as it took a bit longer to complete due to the pandemic.

One fan tweeted out saying how good the new title looks. This fan said that he’s never been one for replica titles before, but if Cody ever leaves it while he’s eating at a steakhouse, then he’s jacking it.

Cody obviously got the joke about how Chris Jericho lost the AEW Title while he ate at a Longhorn Steakhouse. He replied saying that he wants to make it the most coveted title of all time.

She’s a looker alright!

My goal is to make it the most important and coveted belt of all time.

(The walk from my office to the entrance tunnel on Wednesday was maybe my favorite bts moment ever. Stopped folks in their tracks)

Cody replied to another fan and said that he doesn’t believe in mid-card titles. This was something he’s been quite vocal about ever since becoming WWE Intercontinental Champion. He did his best to make that title stand out and even brought back that white design. Now Cody has a chance to do something special with the TNT Title as well.

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