WWE debuted a new segment recently and RAW Underground is the subject of discussion throughout the pro wrestling world. Some fans love it, but others hate it. This protest from negative fans won’t change the fact that the third hour of RAW saw huge increase from last week’s number.

During a recent Q&A on F4WOnline, Lance Storm brought up a big issue that WWE will face down the line regarding RAW Underground. It might get popular.

The segments are very short and those fights have ended quickly. If they need to present a longer fight it might contradict what they’ve already shown. It could also take away from the actual wrestling once those Superstars return to the ring.

Nobody has brought up the point that I think is the issue. They created a really cool look. By having these, let’s say, way more violent, way more quick sudden big throws, takedown, ground and pound and KO’ing guys, it looked exciting. To me the issue is you debuted it with what I would consider a UFC knockout highlight real where there were 4 matches in under 2 minutes. That’s less than 30 seconds a fight. If this gets over, they are in real trouble because the suddenness and the violence of a 30 second first-round KO is great, but you have a 3-hour show to fill. If Dolph Ziggler does a great amateur takedown, a go behind, chokes this guy out, you say, Ziggler looked awesome. Yea, he did, but if he has to do a pro wrestling match on RAW next week and go 12 minutes, I think there is the real fear of what happened to bada** Dolph that can beat a guy in 30 seconds? 


WWE has a lot of options with RAW Underground. We’ve exclusively reported that the company is going week to week as Vince McMahon lays out his desired path. He could very well change his mind in the process.

We’ll have to see what’s next for RAW Underground, but we are certainly intrigued.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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