WWE fans are some of the best detectives in the world. They can take something as small as someone’s hair slipping out and figure out who is likely under a hood. That’s what might have happened in this instance.

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During the melee in the closing moments of this week’s show, one Retribution member’s hair slipped out. This exposed long brown hair and a lot of fans have an idea who might be on the other end of that hair.

The idea is out there that Vanessa Bourne is one of the Retribution members. If she is, then that would make sense. Bourne was called up to the WWE main roster in January, and she was never used.


If Bourne is under one hood, that makes us wonder if Chelsea Green is under another. Both Green and Bourne were called up to the WWE main roster, but neither have been used on television. It could also explain why members look smaller if Bourne and Green are under two of those hoods.

Other fans have also suggested that Carmella is behind one of those masks as she would also fit that size. Ricochet is a fan favorite to be a member as well.

Who do you think is behind the Retribution faction? Sound off in the comments below!

Felix Upton

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