Big E is getting a singles run in WWE, but he is still rolling his way to the ring in typical New Day fashion. He doesn’t want to change things up and believes all three members of the stable can be successful on their own, and still remain together.

During WWE The Bump this week, Big E spoke about his Intercontinental Title run early in his career. He watched a 27-year-old version of himself react to his championship win. After saying that he hates watching himself, Big E discussed his IC Title run and how that was just a sampler of what he has to give now.

“I’d say as fortunate as I was to have the Intercontinental Championship what 6, 7 years ago, I feel like I have more to offer as a performer. I feel like I have a lot more to offer as far as being entertaining. As far as what I can do physically. I feel like I’ve matured as a performer.”

“Like I said as fortunate as I was to have that run [with the IC Title] I feel like this one whatever it yields I’d hope it should be a better one because I have a lot more to offer now than I did then, so, it was a good — I don’t want to say trial run — it was a good sampler, but now you’re getting the big meat. You’re getting the big heavy meat, you’re getting the cranberry sauce, I’m gonna give you all those heavy proteins.”


Now matter how many titles Big E racks up, he doesn’t want to think that he “made it.” Big E said that the New Day’s title win in Brooklyn at SummerSlam was incredible, but he doesn’t want to think that he’s ever reached the top for fear he will start to coast.

“I will say as far as one I’ve been a part of I’d have to say I think it was 2015 at SummerSlam where we started our longest reign in Brooklyn — I don’t wanna say that was our ‘we made it moment’ because I don’t ever want to see like I made it so I can coast. That was that felt like, ‘alright that was dope.'”

We’ll have to see what WWE has in store for Big E. It seems like this is mounting to something for him, but in today’s climate there’s no telling what Vince McMahon will decide to do next.

There were plans to turn Big E heel last year as Ringside News exclusively reported. The New Day continued and now Big E is on to the next chapter of his career. At 34-years-old, Big E still doesn’t want to think he’s “made it” yet.

Transcription by Ringside News

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