WWE made several cuts across the company on April 15th. Employees were furloughed from every department and now the company has extended their expected date to bring people back.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, employees are not happy with WWE. The company just turned a huge profit in the second quarter of this year. That only adds to the frustration.

WWE made some of that profit by furloughing employees. They saved $51.6 million in total. A lot of that was due to lower production costs, but the company could have brought some employees back with those savings.

Now WWE has pushed the expected date that those employees will be back even further. As of this writing, the new date is August 28th which has left people unhappy for many reasons.


The basic argument is that the furloughs made sense in April due to the unforeseen prospects of the future, because if they missed providing new television for weeks, which was possible had it not been for Gov. DeSantis in Florida, the contracts that carry the company could have been in jeopardy. Plus, Vince at first was terribly fearful if they didn’t air shows live they could cancel the deals. But by July, that fear was gone. FOX & NBC Universal weren’t opting out, nor demanding the shows be live, and WWE has a place to tape with no fear of being booted out, or limited fear because nobody can 100 percent see a future that nobody really knows. The argument is that by July, they knew they were setting profit records and then to extend the furloughs twice since then is the thing employees were really upset about.

WWE already brought back some people, but not many at all. There are still a lot of people who are looking for work and hoping that WWE will call them back.

The pandemic changed the way WWE operates and some positions are not needed anymore. The company is talking to arenas and trying to get the wheels in motion for the future. They could also bring back more of those employees to help them get there.

H Jenkins

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