The #SpeakingOut movement sought to create safe space in pro wrestling. Plenty of people were called out for their past transgressions and some lost jobs in the industry. Lance Storm thinks that the #SpeakingOut movement should also put an end to intergender wrestling.

Storm was quite serious when he tweeted out his opinion on the matter. He stated that intergender matches “have to stop.” This is especially in light of the #SpeakingOut movement.

There are simply too many stories about women being uncomfortable, but feeling obligated to wrestle men because intergender wrestling has been so widely accepted.

I see some discussion on inter gender wrestling matches again. In light of #SpeakingOut I think these matches have to stop. I’ve heard from so many women who were uncomfortable doing these but felt obligated to to get booked because these matches were accepted “norms”.


Ethan Page gave his opinion on the matter. He believes that putting a stop to intergender wrestling would actually put wrestling back a few steps.

Idk, If I can say “I’m not working wrestler X cuz he sucks”

these women can also say “I don’t enjoy inter-gender”

Not to start a large debate

Banishing all inter-gender just seems like a step in the wrong direction. Doing inter-gender RIGHT .. is the proper step I think

Fans have also joined this conversation as they debate the need for intergender wrestling. It seems that everyone has their own opinion on this matter.

The idea of intergender wrestling was controversial already. WWE won’t touch the concept even though they teased it with feuds such as Dean Ambrose vs Nia Jax. The company never pulled the trigger on such an idea.

Former Impact Wrestling Champion Tessa Blanchard is a huge advocate of intergender wrestling as well. Without that kind of match idea she would have never held the Impact Wrestling World Title.

We’ll have to see if the idea of intergender wrestling does become less prevalent in the months to come. The indie wrestling scene is opening up once again so plenty of cards are set to be booked across the country once again.

Hurricane Helms saw the backlash that Storm received and he replied: “Lance Storm makes statements about Intergender Wrestling out of concern for women and is immediately criticized. Wrestling Twitter apparently will always be trash.”

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