WWE Superstars get into a lot of conversations on the road. Rusev is no longer in WWE and is now going as Miro. He still has plenty of stories to tell about his time on the road.

During a recent streaming session on his Twitch channel, Miro talked about a European tour where they got into a very interesting discussion. The task was to figure out who is the sexiest WWE Superstar out of the men on the roster.

There were some strong contenders for the title of sexiest Superstar, and everyone had solid arguments. In the end, Shinsuke Nakamura, Jeff Hardy, and Randy Orton were determined to be the top three choices. Out of those three The Viper was the winner.

“We had a discussion in Europe — in Europe, we’re always together because we travel on the bus and plane together, most of us train together, we’re always together — we discussed ‘who is the most handsome man in WWE?’ I think it started by popularity and then we figured out most handsome. Maybe it was the most sexy. Something of that degree.”


“The nominees were Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, and [Shinsuke Nakamura]. In Japan, Shin is like a God, right? Probably all the girls throw themselves at him. That’s what we were thinking about Randy and Jeff. They are very good looking men and everybody desires them. I think Randy won because men, and women, want Randy Orton,”

Randy Orton won because both men and women love him. He has a lot of fans and could probably tell some stories about thirsty fans. Miro seemed to enjoy recounting that particular conversation from a WWE European tour.

Who do you think is the sexiest male WWE Superstar? Sound off in the comments below.

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