How Late WWE Started RAW Tapings This Week

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WWE had a lot of issues with their television tapings yesterday. They were able to get things done, but a lot of changes needed to be made.

Ringside News exclusively reported yesterday morning that Mustafa Ali would be on the show, but the script was torn up. Vince McMahon demanded re-writes of the entire plan.

WWE was late getting started with their filming and they were running way late. They had two episodes of RAW to tape and material for Main Event as well.

It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE was four hours late starting filming. They were supposed to start at 1:00 PM EST, but they didn’t get started until three hours until the actual first episode of RAW aired according to Dave Meltzer.

They were able to film plenty of things and get content ready for next week, but it was a chaotic process of rearranging things all night because certain people couldn’t make the show even when they were expected.

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