Dasha Gonzalez was released by WWE last year and then she made her way to All Elite Wrestling. Gonzalez is all set to participate in The Rock’s Titan Games on NBC.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc’s Daily Podcast, Gonzalez opened up about why she decided to participate for the show and recalled her first meeting with The Rock in WWE.

Gonzalez said that she’s always been athletic and revealed that she had suffered an achilles tendon injury. However, upon being cleared by the doctors, she wanted to see if participating in the Titan Games was something that she could do.

I swam, dived, wrestled, played football, did ROTC. I was an athlete growing up.

I was coming off an achilles tendon injury. I wanted to kind of turn the page with this injury and end that chapter and start a new one. I’m still rehabbing till this day, but the doctors cleared me. I wanted to see if it was something I was meant to do.

Gonzalez revealed that the first time she met The Rock was in WWE but it was an awkward encounter. However, she got to talk to him properly later on and received words of encouragement from the Great One.

I had met The Rock one time talking to Roman Reigns on a case backstage before TV one day. I was like, ‘Hi, I’m Dasha.’ I very awkwardly said hi and ran away. I didn’t really get to meet him. It was pretty cool to be able to chat with him and receive encouragement from him.

The AEW announcer realised that she wasn’t just competing in a show but was representing her company and the wrestling industry as a whole. She said that regardless of what organisation she works for, the wrestling community is a family to her and that they all share a common love for entertaining people.

…Not only being a former performer for WWE, but now with All Elite Wrestling. I thought, ‘Many, I’m representing the company I work for. I’m representing the wrestling community.’ I wanted to do the best I could and prove to everyone I’m an athlete. I’ve been training in the ring as well too. I have always been very athletic too. So having that bond. Wrestling community is like a family regardless of whatever organization you’re in. We all have a common love for sports entertainment, wrestling, being active, putting on a show.

With her performance on Titan Games, Gonzalez aims to silence the critics who say that wrestling is fake because one needs to be extremely athletic to do what pro-wrestlers do.

Often wrestlers get a bad rap. ‘We all know wrestling is fake.’ You have to be an athlete in order to compete in the ring. Hopefully, we’ll open new eyes.

Gonzalez will be appearing on The Titan Games tonight under her real name – Dasha Kuret. You can watch the show at 8 PM ET on NBC.

Thank you to Wrestling Inc for the quotes.

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