Charlotte Flair Calls Fan ‘Stupid Ass’ For Saying Naomi Doesn’t Deserve Better


Naomi didn’t win on SmackDown this week, but fans voiced their opinion about what they thought. #NaomiDeservesBetter started trending on social media. Charlotte Flair joined the discussion as she simply tweeted out: “Yup.”

One fan fired off a reply to Charlotte Flair saying: “exactly SO THEN WHENEVER THEY WANNA GIVE U A TITLE SAY NO AND GIVE IT TO NAOMI!!!!!”

The Queen didn’t appreciate seeing that pop up on her timeline. She might not be around WWE right now, but Flair jumped to Naomi’s defense.

Oh my gosh! I hadn’t thought of that!! I could just tell them to change it!

As long as I have them on the phone, who should I ask them to make tag champs? Universal?

Stupid ass.

Flair isn’t the only WWE Superstar who got behind Naomi. Big E was also pumped to see her receive this support. Even AEW’s Big Swole took notice and spoke out about how Naomi deserves better.

Do you agree that Naomi deserves better in WWE? Sound off in the comments below!!

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