EC3 has been on a creative roll since his WWE release. His teaser promos and other video drops gained a lot of attention. This kind of thing didn’t come out of EC3 while he was a WWE Superstar. There is a reason for that.

While speaking to Wresle Talk, EC3 explained when he decided to stop pitching his ideas to WWE creative. Bray Wyatt spent forever building The Fiend and WWE let Goldberg beat him in Saudi Arabia.

EC3 explained that if WWE will throw away everything The Field built “for that,” then that was his “final creative straw.”

“I specifically set out because I’ve had all these good ideas and although I’ve maybe used them to try and pitch to [WWE] these things, this particular one I didn’t want to because I knew it was so important to me because it was really me that the second it comes out of my hands it’s going to be destroyed and ravaged. And I think I saw that because I was really preparing to throw this out there but then I watched The Fiend vs. Goldberg at the Saudi show. Bray is one of the most creative guys I’ve ever met. You could tell when it was his, how much work and effort and creativity he put into it and how well it worked out and it was insane, it was special, it was amazing. And how quickly *snaps* throw it away. Like you threw it away for that?

So that was the final creative straw where I don’t know if I want to do this as a creator. As a professional who likes money, if you want to give me something, hell yeah. I’m not gonna be an idiot and turn it down but as a creator I was like ‘ahh’, it was disheartening.”

EC3 could very well end up in his old stomping grounds at Impact Wrestling. He will fight on July 18th, no matter where he is. He is certainly able to express himself much more that he is free from his WWE contract.

Do you think EC3 will be at Slammiversary? We will have full coverage of the entire event right here at Ringside News.

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