Adam Cole lost the NXT Title, but he could still have more to do in NXT if you ask Booker T.

During his Hall Of Fame radio show, Booker T discussed Adam Cole’s current situation. The 6-time World Champion stated that Cole still has a lot to offer in NXT. He can teach so much to others by just being around them as well.

Cole might be ready for the main roster right now, but Booker T thinks that a little bit more time in NXT could benefit everyone involved.

“If I had the book, I would have Adam Cole stay in NXT a little while longer. I’m not saying he is not ready to go to the main roster or anything like that. I’m not saying he is going to get lost in the shuffle or anything like that. I’m saying a little more time in NXT will only serve him a little bit better. I don’t think it’s going to hurt him at all staying in NXT a little bit longer. Those guys, they need guys like Adam Cole in that system. As young as Adam Cole is and as short a time he has been in the WWE, this guy is really a student of the game. He could teach those guys down there in that system so much. I heard somebody else say it and I agree with it, that if he was 6 ft 3 inches tall, he would be the Universal Champion right now. That’s how good this kid is. He really is that good. Not to blow Shawn Michaels’ horn or anything like that, but he seems like that next level Shawn Michaels type guy that can go out there and be that Mr. WrestleMania. I know it’s a different era now than it was back then, but I really look at Adam Cole and say, this guy is really very talented. I’m going to tell you right now. I don’t say that about a lot of guys.”

“I’m going to tell you this right here. I’m just keeping it real. As far as the talent goes, as far as being able to stand out and put yourself out there, these women, and a lot of these guys have plenty of time on television to go out there and put themselves over and make themselves look good. I say that because you have a guy like Adam Cole who just stepped into the spot. Not that he just stepped into the spot, he said I’m going to take the spot. I’m going to tell everybody how good Adam Cole is. This guy literally outshined so much talent on that roster that has been there for quite some time. Not to knock these guys or anything like that, but Ricochet, he was there before. Finn Balor was there before Adam Cole. But the one guy I seem to feel that had that star quality and star power to go out there and move some numbers right now is Adam Cole. So, I say, don’t think that these guys have not had a chance to go out there and put themselves on the map. It’s what they do inside the ring when they get their time. When you get 5, 10, 15 minutes on television, that is your time to go out and show the world how good you really are. If you’re not that good, it’s going to show. If you see that you need to study more to actually get to that point, and that’s what I don’t see a lot of is these young talents studying how do I get to the next level? How do I make it to main event status? How do I get to that point to where I’m mid-card and above? How do I get to the point where I know I’m not going to be working if I get to the main roster on Superstars. It’s that kind of stuff right there. If you’re not plotting and planning to find your way to that position, you are always just going to be a worker in this game. Try to rise above just being a worker. You want to be the best performer inside that locker room each and every night.”

Adam Cole is still young, and he signed a multi-year contract with WWE last year. He will be around for quite a while longer as will the rest of the Undisputed Era.

We’ll have to see how long it takes until Adam Cole gets his call-up to the main roster, but if history has taught us anything it’s that you should never rush a call-up to the WWE main roster.

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