Adam Pearce Releases Message For Those Suffering From Coronavirus

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WWE discovered multiple people in the company who tested positive for coronavirus. Adam Pearce revealed he is positive for COVID-19 prior to WWE putting a stop to people coming forward with positive test.

Pearce seems to be in good spirits. He has remained active on social media and today he posted an inspirational message for anyone dealing with COVID-19.

The everyone out there fighting COVID-19:

You’re not alone. I know it feels like it. I know it’s quiet and I know it’s smothering. I know the depression and I know the struggle. There’s a light at the end of that lonely tunnel. Keep seeing it. When you get there everyone you love will be there waiting arms-wide-open. You’re not alone.

Adam Pearce has not provided any update on his current coronavirus status. So far Kayla Braxton is the only person from WWE who came forward with a positive test to reveal that they have recovered.

Hopefully, Renee Young will be back to work soon. She was feeling much better and took another test recently.

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