Keith Lee Doesn’t Really Think About AEW Competition To WWE NXT


Keith Lee quickly found himself on top of WWE NXT when he captured the NXT Title from Adam Cole at the Great American Bash. As he leads the NXT locker room through the Wednesday Night Wars, he’s not thinking about the competition.

While speaking to Talk Sport, Lee said he’s not really considering what AEW is doing on TNT. He said he’s nice to have competition, but he’s always competing with himself anyway.

“Honestly? I don’t even really think about that. It’s nice to have competition in general, but I’m always competing with myself. So it isn’t really about anyone else. It’s for Keith Lee to go out and do the best that Keith Lee can and if Keith Lee did good, how much better can Keith Lee do the next time? That’s literally my own mantra. There’s always competing with yourself. I love competition, but 99.9 percent it’s against myself. I do believe competition is good for everybody, but for me specifically, it’s good for myself [laughs].”

Keith Lee didn’t appreciate the spoiler that leaked about his big NXT Title win. The only thing that really matters to him is keeping that momentum.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Keith Lee in the future. He is certainly in a position that puts a lot of attention on him. He will likely keep running strong if only to better himself.

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