Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy battled in the main event of the second night of AEW Fyter Fest. That match might not have ever happened if Jericho’s opinion about Cassidy didn’t dramatically change.

WWE NXT defeated AEW in the ratings this week. That is something that Jericho has debated because he says ratings are what matter most in 2020.

During Chris Jericho’s Saturday Night Special, he opened up about his initial impression of Orange Cassidy. He wasn’t a fan of the gimmick at first, but that soon turned around.

”When I see Orange Cassidy, when I first saw his gimmick, I thought this was sh*t. I don’t like this guy, he’s making a mockery of the business. And then I started realizing, hey Jericho, get your head out of your ass and realize that the reason that he’s over is because he’s doing something different and people enjoy that. And that’s what wrestling is all about, that’s what show business is all about, doing something different that makes you stand out and that makes people get behind what you’re doing.”

Chris Jericho eventually turned around on his opinion of Freshly Squeezed. This was made apparent by how much he gave to their program through Fyter Fest.

“So, I really started getting into what Orange was doing. Back in the days when we used to have fans in the arenas, people really enjoyed him, and enjoyed his work, and enjoyed his gimmick and I thought, ‘You know, we can really do something with this guy.’ So that’s what we decided to do, and I really enjoyed the match. I think we really showed him in a different light so that all his haters and all of his critics can eat their words about this.”

We’ll have to see if Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho ever meet again. Their feud might have more gas in the tank if the want to revisit it. Jericho might have his dance card full at All Out, especially if AEW can snag Mike Tyson for some sort of a match.

Chris Jericho said that the viewership numbers for his match against Cassidy are a lie. No matter how many people watched his match against Orange Cassidy, they certainly enjoyed themselves.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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