WWE Taking Fewer Risks With Television Tapings Before SummerSlam


WWE is pre-taping their television shows and will usually get two episodes of each brand taped in one day. They keep the tapings separate for brands to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak. The company is taking more precautions to make sure that the unexpected doesn’t ruin their plans.

The company could record multiple episodes of RAW and SmackDown next week. They are not doing that. Instead, they are only taping one episode of SmackDown and 205 Live on the Friday before Extreme Rules. They are not taking any similar chances around SummerSlam.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that WWE is not taping their shows out of order. They do not want to “risk it.”

They are not doing any tapings out of order. For example, they could save time and do tapings for Raw and SmackDown after SummerSlam before, but don’t want to risk it.

WWE has recorded content prior to a big event in the past. Those previous tapings didn’t take place during a pandemic.

You never know what can happen on a daily basis at this point. There are a couple of Superstars who are not around right now that the company didn’t count on not being allowed in the Performance Center. They don’t want a future situation to cause them any similar issues.

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