Charlotte Flair Slams Fan For Disrespectful Tweet


Charlotte Flair opened up today about plastic surgery she is getting. She also didn’t have time for trolls.

Flair revealed that she has a leaking breast implant. She had silicone poisoning which needed to be fixed. She also revealed that she will be out of action for longer than she first expected.

One fan replied to Charlotte Flair’s candid tweet by asking “If you could give anyone a wedgie who would it be?” The Queen didn’t appreciate that one bit, so she fired off a reply before blocking this fan.

I’m going to leave this up for a minute or two before I block you. I want to make sure you know it’s because you’re being a creep and you should really stop it. Read the room.

The subject of plastic surgery is a sensitive issue, especially when discussing the type of surgery that Flair is having. Some fans can’t handle that kind of mature conversation.

Thankfully, Charlotte Flair has a way to handle that kind of opinion. She always has the block button when needed.

We’re wishing Charlotte Flair the best as she recovers after this little speed bump in her career.

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