Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of WWE Friday Night SmackDown on FOX. Please keep refreshing throughout the show for constant updates once it kicks off at 8:00 PM EST!

WWE will has two episodes of SmackDown and one RAW before The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. Let’s see what they bring us this week.

The SmackDown Tag Team Titles will be on the line this week. The New Day are set to defend their titles against Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions will also be in action, but it will be a non-title match. Sasha Banks and Bayley will face Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross.

Jeff Hardy will be a guest on Miz TV. Sheamus may, or may not be around. Also Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt’s Money In The Bank match will air this week.

All that and more is expected for SmackDown this week. Get back in here at 8:00 PM EST when the show starts rolling.

Miz TV

Miz and Morrison were in the ring. They introduced Jeff Hardy by saying he has better face paint than 1993 Doink the clown. Morrison made some drug jokes about Hardy too.

Miz said that Jeff had a clip. Jeff didn’t have a clip, so they showed a different clip of Jeff Hardy and Sheamus. This clip didn’t paint Hardy in the best way. The video made Hardy look like he’s always breaking rules. Hardy said he’s about to “break something” if they keep this up.

The Miz said that Hardy is his daughter’s favorite Superstar. She doesn’t even know what’s going on, she just likes bright colors. He said she doesn’t know about the darkness within Hardy and he doesn’t want her putting faith in someone who is going to self-destruct.

Hardy said that he’s going to be a beacon of light for people who struggle with addition. He said that he will show people that there’s a life beyond their wildest dreams waiting for them if they can stay sober. Morrison said he just got goosebumps.

The Miz said that Hardy needs to face Sheamus in a bar fight. They loved that idea, Jeff said it would be like a handicap match with him against alcohol and “The Celtic Butthole.” He said he’s going to take Sheamus out in that bar fight. It looks like this match is on.

Then Jeff offered a match with either of them, but they weren’t about it. Hardy was, and he jumped them both before they left. Cut to commercial.

Jeff Hardy vs The Miz

Jeff started off strong and took Miz down with a headlock. They returned to their feet and Miz sent Jeff to the apron. Hardy took a knee to the face and Miz slid under Hardy and tripped him which caused him to fall to the apron.

Then Miz maintained control with kicks to the ribs. Jeff kicked Miz and then he took a knee to the midsection before taking one to the face for a two cout.

Hardy came back by lifting Miz to the apron, but Miz punched him. The Hardy caught Miz with a “Twist Of Fury.” Morrison pulled Miz outside and Jeff hit a dive on them.

Miz continued to kick Hardy around the ring and Jeff sold for him. Then Miz nailed a DDT for a two count. Then Miz hit his Yes Kicks for a two count.

Hardy kept taking abuse as Miz taunted the crowd. Then Hardy started to fight back and he hit a jawbreaker and Miz took a bump.

It seems like WWE doesn’t know what they want to call Jeff Hardy’s signature move. Hardy hit an inverted DDT and avoided a Skull Crushing Finale. He kicked Morrison off the apron and climbed up top.

Then Sheamus appeared on the screen. He was still at home and having a beer. Sheamus said he’s enjoying the entertainment. Then Miz rolled him up, Hardy reversed, and Hardy won.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura cut an interview where they were very confident about their chances tonight.

Bayley and Banks vs Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross.

Nikki Cross attacked Bayley during their entrance before commercial.

When we came back, The Boss and Bayley had control. Then Nikki flipped a switch and turned it up on Bayley with some furious pummeling on the outside. Bliss and Cross trapped Bayley in their corner, Bliss hit her and got a one count on a pinfall attempt.

Then Bayley picked Bliss up and brought her to the other side of the ring. Bayley and Banks got in the announce team’s face and then Nikki distracted Bayley with the SmackDown Women’s Title. Bliss hit a dropkick on them both and then Cross posed with the title as they went to commercial again.

They continued and Bliss continued to take punishment from Bayley. They crowd cheered her on, and Alexa rolled her up for a two count. Then Banks took the tag and landed an elbow drop for a two count. Banks then latched on a headlock after Bliss kicked out of another roll up pin.

Bayley took another pin and continued the abuse on Bayley as she taunted Nikki Cross. Bliss started to fight back. Banks got tagged in and kicked Nikki as Bayley took care of Bliss in the corner while the referee was distracted. Then Bliss took more punishment, but she didn’t lay down for a three count.

Bliss hit her double knees and tagged in Nikki Cross who went to town on Banks. Nikki hit a bulldog and ran Banks’ head into the turnbuckle before climbing up. Bayley knocked Cross off the top rope and took the tag to almost get a pinfall.

Bayley locked a tornado DDT, but Cross landed a neckbreaker. Then Bayley got a roll-up pin while (trying to) use the ropes.

Winners Bayley & Sasha Banks

Bray Wyatt vs Braun Strowman – From Money In The Bank Results by H Jenkins

Bray came out as the Firefly Fun House character, not the Fiend.

Braun pushed Bray back and then they locked up. Braun hit a right hand in the corner and a shoulder tackle.

Braun hit another shoulder tackle that took Bray out of the ring. Then Bray took a bump into the stair and against the ring post. Bray was selling hard for Strowman.

Braun hit a running splash in the corner when they got back in the ring and Wyatt fell out of the ring again. Then Strowman went for his freight train spot, but Wyatt moved and sent Strowman into the announce table.

Huskus The Pig Boy started rooting Wyatt on. Then Wyatt hit a DDT on the outside and rolled Braun into the ring and got a two count. Wyatt hit a senton and Braun rolled out of the ring.

Wyatt and Braun returned to the ring after Braun took more damage on the outside. Wyatt looked at Braun upside down and regular walked over to Braun. Strowman charged and took a boot to the face. Then Bray hit a tornado DDT, a Sister Abigail and 1-2- kick out! Wyatt couldn’t believe it.

Wyatt went for another Sister Abigail, but Strowman blocked it and hit a chokeslam. Bray went outside and Strowman nailed his Freight Train spot that time. Wyatt got in the ring first and kicked Braun down.

Strowman came up wearing his black sheep mask. Bray got happy and said, “It’s you! I told you! I told him if you give me a chance I told him I’d find you!” He was happy. Braun tore off his shirt and walked up to Bray Wyatt.

Then they did the Wyatt pose together. Bray got up and he was laughing and having a great time. Then Braun and Bray hugged. The Firefly Fun House puppets were all happy.

Then Braun took off the black sheep mask and stomped it before slamming Wyatt for the win.

Winner: Braun Strowman

The New Day cut a promo backstage. They were very excited and confident about their chances that they will leave SmackDown as champions.

Karaoke Time

Jey Uso hosted this segment, so that was nice. Lacey Evans, Dana Brooke, Tamina, and Naomi were in this competition. They all got 45 seconds to sing their favorite WWE theme song. The audience votes for a winner.

Lacey Evans sang With My Baby Tonight. It…. happened.

Dana Brooke Honky Tonk Man’s theme song next because we all wanted that to happen. She also danced, so yep. She had sunglasses on, and Jey cut her off early because he loves us.

Tamina was next, and she sang Triple H’s theme song. Lemmy, she was not. Uce stopped her almost immediately.

Then Naomi came out and didn’t even need an introduction. She sang Dusty Rhodes’ theme song. She did the best by far.

Naomi won while singing Dusty Rhodes’ theme song. Then Evans jumped her. Naomi face-palmed her, and Jey did a pull apart. Cut to commercial.

Lacey Evans vs Naomi

Lacey Wrestled in a dress. She put Naomi in the corner. The Glow soon pushed Lacey out of the ring. Dana called Lacey a sore loser and to suck it up. Lacey pushed Tamina.

Then they went back into the ring, and Dana followed Lacey in and hit her. They brawled and Lacey left.

Winner: Nobody

AJ Styles cut a promo backstage. He was still happy about beating Gulak last week. He said nobody’s worthy to step in the ring with him. Then he was informed that he will defend his title next week against Matt Riddle.

New Day vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro – SmackDown Tag Team Titles

Shinsuke gained control after sidestepping Kofi’s knee early on. He tagged Cesaro who came in to pummel Kofi a bit and then he put Kofi across the turnbuckle and tagged Nakamura who landed a running knee for a two count.

Cesaro tagged in, Big E lifted Nakamura to the floor from the apron, and Kofi turned the tables on Cesaro. Then the New Day did a Unicorn Stampede on Cesaro.

Cesaro went outside too and Big E launched Kofi onto both of them. Cut to commercial.

When they returned from commercial, Shinsuke had control again. Kofi was in headlock, and trying to fight out of it. Kofi nailed an SOS, but he didn’t get a pin.

Kofi got to Big E, but Cesaro was tagged in as well. Big E threw Cesaro twice and hit a belly to bell. Big E swiveled his hips and missed a big splash as Cesaro rolled away.

Cesaro maintained control on Big E for a bit and Kofi tagged himself in. Then they hit a super double knees, but Nakamura broke up the pinfall attempt. Big E got kicked off the apron by Nakamura and then Cesaro went to tag Nakamura, but Kofi rolled him up for a two count.

Nakamura flipped Kofi on his face and then Big E was taken out of the ring again. Kofi had to fight both Cesaro and Shinsuke off. Then Big E joined the fight and the referee called for the bell.

Winner: Nobody

After the match, they continued brawling. The crowd booed, and Cesaro grabbed a table from under the ring. They sent Big E into the steps and then Kofi was sent into the apron.

Cesaro set up a table in the ring. They put Big E on the table and powerbombed Kofi through him and the table.

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