Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of WWE’s 2020 Money In The Bank pay-per-view. This will be a very unique night of pro wrestling. The KICKOFF SHOW starts at 6:00 PM EST. The main card will begin at 7:00 PM EST.

The company has a few titles on the line, but others aren’t being defended. The United States Title, Raw Tag Team and Women’s Tag Team Titles are all missing. The IC Title is gone, but Sami Zayn is another story.

Both top singles title matches could go either way. WWE’s ratings are dying and Vince McMahon is known to shake things up as a solution. They are also airing all matches in the WWE Performance Center live.

You can check out the card below. We’ll start the results when the show commences.


WWE Title Match

Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins

WWE Universal Title Match

Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt

Women’s Money In The Bank Match

Nia Jax vs Asuka vs Dana Brooke vs Shayna Baszler vs Lacey Evans vs Carmella

Men’s Money In The Bank Match

Daniel Bryan vs Aleister Black vs Rey Mysterio vs AJ Styles vs King Corbin vs Otis

SmackDown Women’s Title Match

Bayley vs Tamina Snuka

SmackDown Tag Team Titles

New Day vs Miz & Morrison vs Lucha House Party vs Forgotten Sons

R-Truth vs MVP

Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro – Kickoff Show

The kickoff show is in the studio. They cut to Booker T, Renee Young, and JBL. They talked about their predictions. JBL found a reason to bring out his Japanese sword because he thinks Asuka is going to win. He loves that sword.

Then they cut to the WWE Performance Center for an interview segment.

The New Day rocked with Kayla Braxton backstage. They’re confident about their chances tonight.

Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro

Cesaro took control early on and then Hardy fought out of a headlock and hit a hip toss and an atomic drop. Hardy continued and went outside the ring. Then he used the steps for a dive, but Cesaro caught him and dumped him outside the barricade.

When returned to the ring and Cesaro stood on Jeff’s face, then Cesaro eventually hit an elbow off the second rope.

They eventually ended up outside and Hardy took a rides into the side of the ring. His ribs were battered in the process. Cesaro hit a leg drop when he got in the ring.

Hardy tried to mount a comeback, but Cesaro slowed him down with an abdominal stretch. He threw Hardy down and started delivering stiff forearms to Hardy’s face.

Hardy was able to fight back with a jawbreaker and then they traded punches. Hardy rallied and he landed a right hand. Then he hit an atomic drop and a basement dropkick for a two count.

Cesaro blocked a Twist Of Fate. Hardy climbed up, but Cesaro racked up before climbing up too. Hardy blocked a super gutwrench suplex and fought Cesaro off before hitting a Whisper In The Wind for a two count.

They traded backslide attempts. Then Hardy hit a Twist Of Fate for a two count. Hardy hit a slam and climbed up top again. Cesaro landed an uppercut and hit a super gut wrench suplex for a two count.

Cesaro hit a clothesline and got another two count. Hardy rolled out of the ring. Cesaro landed a running uppercut. Then Jeff reversed an Irish whip and sent Cesaro into the steps. Hardy tightrope walked the barricade into a diving clothesline. Then Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Let’s get the main show started inside an empty WWE Performance Center!

They actually had an opening video package that was fitting to the pay-per-view. WrestleMania’s intro package was done way ahead of time. This promo was definitely themed for the WWE HQ’s location.

SmackDown Tag Team Titles

New Day vs Miz & Morrison vs Lucha House Party vs Forgotten Sons

Big E nailed Corey Graves with his jacked before the match started. It knocked Corey’s headset off. You could hear the whole thing, but sadly, it wasn’t shown on camera. Maybe a fan in the building caught it on their cell phone.

Kofi and Metalik started out the match with some fast-paced action. Metalik hit a spiking rana and Kofi no-sold it for some reason. Then Blake tagged in and started knocking everyone off the apron. He tagged Cutler and they hit a double team backbreaker on Metalik.

Metalik broke up the Sons’ plans with a trustfall on them. Then Morrison tagged in. Metalik knocked him to the floor and and then they climbed up and hit a Spanish Fly on everyone who just happened to be on the outside.

Cutler tagged Morrison and then Ryker knocked Metalik off the top and hung him up. Cutler stomped him, hit an elbow, got a two count and tagged in Wesley Blake. Cutler threw Blake into Metalik and they continued the abuse.

Metalik was able to escape another devastating double team move from the Sons and Dorado got the tag. Lince started running fast and hitting moves. Johnny Drip Drip took the tag and Dorado came in.

Kofi took a tag and Morrison knocked him down with a kick before tagging The Miz. Kofi hit double knees on both of them for a two count.

Cutler took the tag and Big E became the legal man. Then the New Day hit a double team powerbomb for a two count.

Sons hit a double team move on Big E. Miz tagged in and hit a Skull Crushing Finale on them. Morrison hit a Starship Pain on Big E, but the pin was broken up. This was chaos.

Lince hit a flipping stunner on Morrison. Metalik hit a rana from the top on Morrison next. Dorado tagged in as Big E took the tag. Lucha House Party hit a splash and an elbow drop for a two count on E.

Big E launched the Forgotten Sons to the floor and launched Kingston onto them. Cutler drove Kofi into the post. Big E took Cutler down. Ryker pulled the top rope down when Big E was going off the ropes. The referee kicked Ryker out. Then Lince hit a dive on everyone.

Big E hit a Big Ending on Metalik and got the win.

Winners: The New Day

Lacey Evans cut a promo about how she’s ready to win Money In The Bank.

Drew McIntyre cut a promo. He wished a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world. Charly Caruso did the interview. He was confident about his chances against Seth Rollins.

R-Truth vs MVP

R-Truth did his whole rapping intro. “What’s up?” he still raised his microphone. At least we could hear his lyrics for the first time.


Bobby Lashley came out and gave MVP the night off. Then R-Truth accidentally slapped Lashley and he was quickly destroyed.

Truth didn’t stand a chance. He was quickly defeated with a spear. This was a set-up.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Baron Corbin cut a promo saying that it’s good to be our king. He said he’s going to win the Money In The Bank contract too.

Bayley cut a backstage promo with Kayla Braxton. She said she’s going to beat Tamina. The question was for Sasha Banks, but Bayley didn’t let her talk.

SmackDown Women’s Title Match

Bayley vs Tamina Snuka

Bayley asked Tamina how therapy is going. She must watch her opponent’s viral videos.

Tamina caught Bayley after surviving an onslaught. Tamina put Bayley on the top rope and then they pleaded with her to back up. Then referee Jessika Carr backed Tamina off and let Bayley get down.

Tamina slammed Bayley back down and Bayley rolled out of the ring.

Bayley started wrapping Tamina’s leg around the post and then rolled back in to break Carr’s count. Bayley then hit dropkick to Tamina’s knee as Banks applauded her.

Tamina fought Bayley off and hit a hip attack in the corner. Then she went for a Superkick, but Bayley grabbed Tamina’s leg and went for a kneebar. Tamina rolled to the rope. That was a good spot.

Bayley tried to get Tamina up for a Samoan Drop or something, but she fell flat and couldn’t do it. Bayley fought back and Tamina took some shots while draped over the apron. Then Bayley took a sip of water before dousing it all over Tamina. That was rude. It also woke Tamina up.

Tamina bounced Bayley off the ropes and hit a clothesline on the outside before throwing her into the barricade. They went inside and Bayley went for the apron, so Tamina hit a Superkick that knocked her to the floor. Then Tamina sent Bayley over the announce table.

Tamina climbed up top and Bayley got her legs up. Tamina stopped herself from hitting it. Then Tamina nailed a Superkick and a Samoan Drop, and went for the pin. Sasha Banks distracted her. Tamina chased her around the ring.

Bayley grabbed Tamina and got a crucifix pin for the win.

Winner: Bayley.

After the match, Banks saved Bayley from being destroyed by Tamina.

Seth Rollins cut a backstage promo on Drew McIntyre. He says he will win the match.

WWE Universal Title

Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt

Bray came out as the Firefly Fun House character, not the Fiend.

Braun pushed Bray back and then they locked up. Braun hit a right hand in the corner and a shoulder tackle.

Braun hit another shoulder tackle that took Bray out of the ring. Then Bray took a bump into the stair and against the ring post. Bray was selling hard for Strowman.

Braun hit a running splash in the corner when they got back in the ring and Wyatt fell out of the ring again. Then Strowman went for his freight train spot, but Wyatt moved and sent Strowman into the announce table.

Huskus The Pig Boy started rooting Wyatt on. Then Wyatt hit a DDT on the outside and rolled Braun into the ring and got a two count. Wyatt hit a senton and Braun rolled out of the ring.

Wyatt and Braun returned to the ring after Braun took more damage on the outside. Wyatt looked at Braun upside down and regular walked over to Braun. Strowman charged and took a boot to the face. Then Bray hit a tornado DDT, a Sister Abigail and 1-2- kick out! Wyatt couldn’t believe it.

Wyatt went for another Sister Abigail, but Strowman blocked it and hit a chokeslam. Bray went outside and Strowman nailed his Freight Train spot that time. Wyatt got in the ring first and kicked Braun down.

Strowman came up wearing his black sheep mask. Bray got happy and said, “It’s you! I told you! I told him if you give me a chance I told him I’d find you!” He was happy. Braun tore off his shirt and walked up to Bray Wyatt.

Then they did the Wyatt pose together. Bray got up and he was laughing and having a great time. Then Braun and Bray hugged. The Firefly Fun House puppets were all happy.

Then Braun took off the black sheep mask and stomped it before slamming Wyatt for the win.

Winner: Braun Strowman

WWE Title

Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has new entrance music. It’s different.

They started slow, but eventually picked up pace and Drew McIntyre sent Seth Rollins to the outside. Rollins got back in and they locked up. Rollins backed Drew McIntyre into the corner, but Drew returned fire and sent him into the turnbuckle before hitting a chop and a suplex for a one count.

Rollins hit a dropkick and then sent McIntyre into the steel post. Seth hit a suicide dive before sending McIntyre back into the ring. Rollins hit a slingblade for a two count next. Then Rollins latched on a half crab before transitioning it into an STF.

Rollins continued punishing Drew McIntyre before pushing him out of the ring. Then he hit another suicide dive. McIntyre got to his feet as Rollins hit a knee off the apron. This was followed by another diving knee off the barricade.

Seth Rollins got on the announce desk and landed another knee strike on Drew. He kept yelling “this is my destiny!” Then Drew caught Rollins on another suicide dive and threw him over the announce table.

They rolled in the ring and McIntyre tossed Rollins across the ring a few times. Then he landed a big boot on Rollins. Drew went to the top rope and landed a hamming blow off the top rope.

Drew grabbed his knee when he got up, but he seemed to shake it off. Rollins rolled outside as Drew went for the Claymore Kick. Then Seth jumped back in and ate a spinebuster for a two count.

Seth got out of a Future Shock DDT and nailed two kicks to the head for a one count. Rollins nailed a frog splash, but McIntyre kicked out again.

Seth Rollins got out of the ring and got a steel chair. The referee told Rollins to put the chair down, so he did. He went for a stomp, but McIntyre hit a Glasgow Kiss. Drew climbed up top, but Seth jumped up and hit a superplex into Falcon Arrow for a two count.

McIntyre nailed the Future Shock DDT for a two count. They made their way to the top rope again and Seth Rollins took a belly to back suplex from Drew as McIntyre hung upside down.

Rollins blocked a Claymore Kick with a Superkick. McIntyre kicked up at two.

McIntyre blocked a stomp, hit another Glasgow kiss, and then McIntyre landed a Claymore Kick and won the match.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, they shook hands. That was a classy moment. Seth Rollins looked a bit perplexed by this.

R-Truth was backstage and he was sad. He misses his WWE 24/7 Title. He said he doesn’t care where Gronk is, he’s getting his title back. He called Gronk “Tom Brady.” Charly Caruso clarified that he means Gronkowski.

Let’s get into the WWE Money In The Bank matches. This should be very crazy.

Women’s Money In The Bank Match

Nia Jax vs Asuka vs Dana Brooke vs Shayna Baszler vs Lacey Evans vs Carmella

Men’s Money In The Bank Match

Daniel Bryan vs Aleister Black vs Rey Mysterio vs AJ Styles vs King Corbin vs Otis

They cut to the men and women each in different sections of the building. Asuka stated off on top and then the men battled in the gym. Otis picked up weights and pinned Styles down. Rey Mysterio wouldn’t help him.

Brother Love came out of the bathroom because Bruce Prichard was there. The Superstars battled in the hallway as they all traded punches.

The women started climbing the stairs and soon ended up in the same location as the men. Asuka snuck out of the elevator and Baszler saw her and took chase.

Aleister Black ran off as Bryan tied Corbin up in some ropes they had in one room. Then Daniel turned on Otis and ran off.

Nia Jax put Dana Brooke in the bathroom and took her down with a headbutt. Then Baszler grabbed her and tossed her into an office. Baszler and Nia Jax squared off and Jax pushed her down. Nia Jax no-sold a chair shot and Dana Brooke climbed up to get a briefcase that they had hanging from the ceiling.

Stephanie McMahon appeared and told Brooke that this is the Money In The Bank conference room. The real briefcase is on the roof. Mella nailed her and then Lacey Evans took Mella out before running off.

AJ Styles was looking for Rey Mysterio. He punches a poster of Rey before walking past of of Roman Reigns. Then he was spooked by one of The Undertaker. Styles opened a room and saw a casket in the room. He had flashbacks of the Boneyard Match. He said “no way” and then he turned around to have Aleister Black kick him back into the room.

Paul Heyman was at a table full of food and then everyone ran in and had a showdown in front of him.

Otis called for a food fight and he launched a plate of food at Heyman. It’s a good thing Otis is on SmackDown.

Then they had a food fight. Yep. They sure did.

Brooke a chokeslam into a soda machine from Nia Jax and then she put Carmella through a table. Otis and Jax squared off as Otis are food in front of her. Then they left in opposite directions. Otis was then stopped in the cafeteria where he ate a pie. Johnny Ace showed up, said “people power” took a pie to the face, and then Otis laughed and left.

They continued to fight their way through the building and Nia Jax got out in front, but Evans chased close behind her. Black and Bryan were also fighting, but then Styles came back to take Aleister out. Styles and Bryan continued to brawl through different ofices.

Then AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan looked up and realized that they are in Vince McMahon’s office. They put the chairs back in order before leaving. Then Vince used hand sanitizer and went back to work.

Bryan and AJ had a little conversation about mishandling their run-in with McMahon before they continued fighting. Corbin eventually cut in and joined their fight.

Then they made their way up to the roof.

Nia and Asuka were the first two up there and Evans soon followed. Jax hit a clam on Evans and threw her out of the ring. Then Jax went to get a ladder. Asuka stopped Nia Jax from climbing up. Then Lacey landed a Women’s Right on Nia and she started climbing up.

Asuka pulled Lacey Evans off the ladder and she face-planted. Then Asuka started to climb, but Evans got up and slammed her face against the ladder. Evans kicked Asuka off as she climbed up, but Asuka pulled her back down.

Then Asuka climbed up, but Evans stopped her too. Evans and Asuka were up on the same side of the ladder. Then Asuka landed two elbows that sent Evans down onto Nia Jax. So, Asuka climbed up to get the briefcase.

Suddenly, Baron Corbin ran in and he stopped her. She kicked him off and grabbed the briefcase to become Ms. Money In The Bank again.

Otis and Corbin fought until Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio joined the fray. Then Black and Rey climbed up, but AJ Styles pushed the ladder over and they fell off.

Corbin threw Rey Mysterio off the roof, but he landed on a lower level. He did the same to Aleister Black. Let’s hope they’re not dead.

Styles and Bryan climbed for the briefcase, but Corbin stopped them. Otis fought Styles. Then Styles nail a Phenomenal Forearm on Otis.

Styles and Corbin made it to the top of the ladder. They both grabbed the briefcase. Then Styles unlocked it while they both grabbed it. Elias showed up and smashed Corbin with a guitar. Otis hit the ladder and AJ Styles dropped the briefcase. Otis grabbed it and was declared the winner.

Winners: Asuka & Otis

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