John Cena doesn’t appear for WWE often anymore. Heath Slater got to know Cena during his time in the company. Slater was around for a decade and a half which fell during Cena’s full-time run as a WWE Superstar.

Throughout his WWE career, Heath Slater was given some bad gimmicks. From not being drafted to being a member of a jobber faction, Slater saw it all. John Cena noticed and he was apparently impressed with Slater’s ability to take a bad situation and turn it around.

Brisco and Big Ace recently spoke to Heath Slater where he discussed his “chicken sh*t” gimmicks. Slater revealed that John Cena once told him that WWE always gave Heath “an inch,” but he was somehow able to turn it into so much more.

“I had so many gimmicks that were legit chicken sh*t that I had to turn into chicken salad. I remember John Cena telling me, ‘they always give you an inch, but somehow you bring it to a mile.’ I don’t know, I just try to take ideas and do it.

“What I loved about being a heel is that I’d go out, and people would see me out in a restaurant and say ‘I know you’re a bad guy, but I just want you to know that we love hating you. We love booing you. You’re just a fun bad guy.’ I love having a good chat with the fans. Even if it’s just like having a couple drinks. I’ve done that in so many bars it’s not even funny. Over the years of just connecting on the screen and off the screen, it’s just really cool.”

Heath Slater returned to RAW this week for a promo and a very quick match against Drew McIntyre. Ringside New exclusively reported WWE’s intentions with Slater. After that passionate promo Heath cut on RAW it might be hard to ignore the idea of bringing him back.

We’ll have to see what the future holds for Heath Slater. Do you think he’ll be the final member of 3MB to be released and come back to win the WWE Title? Sound off in the comments below!

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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