Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of AEW Fyter Fest, the first night of two special weeks.

Tonight’s show will feature some huge matches, the main event of which will be Cody Vs. Jake Hager for the TNT Championship. Cody’s open challenges have all gone well so far, but tonight he faces his biggest foe yet in the form of an old friend.

The AEW Tag Team Championships will also be on the line, as Omega and Page face Best Friends. This match was kind of thrown together, so I’m not expecting a title change tonight. Hikaru Shida will also defend her AEW Women’s Championship against Penelope Ford, meaning she’ll have to keep an eye on Kip Sabian also.

Of course, tonight also features two non-title matches in the form of Private Party Vs. Santana & Ortiz, and Jurassic Express Vs. MJF & Wardlow. It’s a tag team heavy show tonight, so if that’s your thing then get hyped.


We’ll have live results coverage here from 8 PM EST, so stay tuned and enjoy the show!

Fyter Fest

AEW Fyter Fest Night One opens with Le Champion, Chris Jericho, coming out in a Canadian-themed jacket for Canada Day, and joining the commentary team.

MJF comes out with Wardlow and he asks how many times he will have to beat Jungle Boy? He already gave him the best match of his career a month ago. So why is this match even happening? It’s not because Jurassic Express want a piece of him, it’s because the powers at be want to keep him down, but he’s MJF and he’s the greatest of all time.

MJF & Wardlow Vs Jurassic Express

Jungle Boy starts off against MJF and does so with aplomb. Boy lands a dropkick that sends MJF to the apron. Jungle Boy attempts a Poisonrana on the apron but MJF stays on his feet, and Wardlow kicks JB in the face. Wardlow pulls Jungle Boy down and slams him into the ring post.

Wardlow tags in and keeps beating JB, then MJF tags in again. JB starts to rally but Wardlow distracts the referee, so he misses a tag to Luchasauras, and MJF pulls JB back to his corner and beats him down. Wardlow tags in and slams Jungle Boy, then tags MJF and they look to double-team him but he counters, ducks, and jumps over them to tag Luchasauras.

The dinosaur drops MJF, then knocks Wardlow to the corner with a pump kick. Luchasauras clotheslines Wardlow and hits MJF with a lame flapjack. Luchasauras flips under Wardlow and drops him with a leg sweep. A quick teep sends MJF into the corner, where Wardlow tags in.

Wardlow and Luchasauras come forehead-to-horns, then trade blows until the dino hits a step-up heel kick. Wardlow lands a release suplex, then Luchasauras slams him and both men are down. MJF and Jungle Boy get tags, and JB lariats MJF over and out, then hits two suicide dives and a tope.

JB gets MJF back inside but Wardlow grabs him by the throat and throws him over the barricade but he lands on his feet. JB hits an enziguiri and Luchasauras hits a tope onto him. Back in the ring, Jurassic Express hit a double-team cutter but Wardlow breaks the pin attempt.

Wardlow hits the dino with a hurricanrana, then counters one from JB. Wardlow looks for an F10 but JB hits a Poisonrana. MJF drops Luchasauras with kicks, then the dino hits a powerbomb but MJF pops right up and superkicks him and all four men are down. All four men kip-up, Luchasauras takes out Wardlow, then JB jumps off his partner with a Canadian Destroyer to MJF.

JB jumps at Wardlow on the ramp and attempts a hurricanrana but Wardlow holds on. Marko Stunt then leaps at Wardlow and he gets caught – rules be damned in AEW – and then Wardlow throws him into JB. MJF drops Luchasauras with a low-blow, then Wardlow hits a senton bomb for a near-fall. Wardlow grabs Luchasauras and MJF attempts a punch with the diamond ring but he ducks and MJF almost hits Wardlow.

JB pulls MJF outside and slams him into the barricade. JB hits a springboard tornado DDT to Wardlow, then Luchasauras chokeslams him. Wardlow sits up but Luchasauras kicks him and hits a moonsault for the win.

Winners: Jurassic Express

*Commercial Break*

Next week, after Fyter Fest, you can watch the first-ever All Elite Wrestling Puppy Battle Royale. I have no idea if this is a real thing but it’s literally dogs in a ring.

Back from commercial and Lance Archer is brawling with Joey Janela around ringside. Sonny Kiss pulls Joey away.

AEW Women’s Championship

(C) Hikaru Shida Vs. Penelope Ford

Before the match began, Sabian shoved Aubrey Edwards and got ejected from ringside. On his way outside, Sabian took Shida’s kendo stick.

The bell rings and Shida hits a running knee. She grabs Ford for the falcon arrow but Penelope avoids it. Roll-up from Ford earns a two-count, then she slides outside to regroup but Shida hits a baseball slide. Ford slams Shida into the apron, then whips her into the barricade.

Shida hits a running knee to a draped Ford on the apron. Back inside the ring, Shida looks for another running knee but Ford avoids her and kicks the head. Ford slams Shida into the turnbuckle over and over, then hits a handspring back elbow, running kick, and a German suplex for a two-count. Ford hits some of the worst mounted punches you’ve ever seen as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Ford is still in charge, with Shida in a camel clutch. The Champion fights out but gets hit with a DDT for a two-count. Ford and Shida exchange shots, but Penelope drops the Champ with a pump kick. A handspring Stunner attempt from Ford but she gets caught in a sleeper by Shida.

Shida uses a backbreaker on Ford, then another and earns a two-count. Shida hits the falcon arrow but Ford rolls her up for a near-fall. Shida goes up top and leaps for a missile dropkick but Ford does a Matrix-reversal, then hits a Stunner for another near-fall. Penelope goes out and grabs the Women’s Championship.

Aubrey goes out to stop her, but Kip Sabian runs back down and swings the kendo stick but misses and Shida hits him with it. Ford runs back in and hits the handspring Stunner but Shida kicks out! Ford goes up top and jumps but nobody’s home. Shida hits the falcon arrow but Ford kicks out. Shida hits a running knee and retains her title.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Taz does a promo in which he explains that Moxley won’t be able to hit the Paradigm Shift on Brian Cage because of how muscular he is.

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TNT Championship

(C) Cody W/Arn Anderson Vs. Jake Hager

This Championship match gets underway they lock-up, with Hager forcing Cody to the corner. Cody grabs a waistlock but Hager shoots him off and Cody hits a shoulder tackle. Cody swings a kick but Hager grabs it and shoves him backwards. Cody sits in the corner and looks annoyed.

Cody takes a headlock but Hager lifts him and slams him into the turnbuckles. Cody lands a right hand but Hager turns the tables and punches him repeatedly. Cody rolls-up Hager but the big man reverses into an ankle lock. Cody counters into an ankle lock of his own but Hager kicks him off and they share a staredown. Arn Anderson talks trash to Hager, who gets out of the ring and walks towards him but Cody hits a springboard splash over the ropes and wipes him out.

Back inside the ring, Cody attempts a crossbody but gets caught. Cody hits a drop toehold and applies a leglock, then turns into a Figure Four. Hager breaks free but eats a Disaster Kick. Cody attempts a second but Hager catches him and slams him. Cody rolls outside and Hager goes after. Hager shoves Arn Anderson into the railing, then hits Cody with a German suplex on the floor!

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break and Hager is beating Cody around the ring. The action spills outside again and Arn Anderson involves himself, allowing Cody to shove Hager into the ring post. Back inside, Hager takes a sleeper and Cody flips off the buckles to get a sloppy roll-up for a two-count and Hager goes back to the sleeper.

Cody hits a jawbreaker to get free, then hits a springboard cutter. Cody takes the weight belt off, hits a pump kick, drop-down uppercut, then a high-angle powerslam for a two-count. Hager hits a Vader Bomb for a two-count, then hits a biel across the ring. Hager attempts another Vader Bomb but Cody kicks him and hits a reverse DDT for a near-fall.

Cody goes up top but Hager jumps up and hits him with an underhook throw off the top for a near-fall. Hager takes an ankle lock but Cody gets to the ropes. Hager’s wife slaps Cody and her man goes back to the ankle lock. Arn gets on the apron for a distraction and out comes Dustin to punch Hager. Cody looks for the CrossRhodes but Hager grabs him with the arm triangle. Cody floats over and rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Cody

Hager thinks he has won and when he realises he hasn’t, he punches the referee. Officials runs down to check on the referee as Hager leaves with his wife.

We get another video from Darby Allin, which amounts to him skateboarding while on fire and dropkicking his friends. I have no idea what these videos do to get Darby over.

*Commercial Break*

Orange Cassidy comes out with a chair and walks over to Chris Jericho at the announce table. Cassidy sits at the announce table with them but doesn’t speak.

Santana & Ortiz Vs. Private Party W/Matt Hardy

The match starts with Santana and Isiah, and the former gives the latter a free shot. Isiah slaps him and Santana no-sells it. Santana is knocked outside then Ortiz knocked off the apron. Isiah runs off the back of Quen to hit Poetry in Motion over the ropes onto them on the floor.

Quen tags in and rolls-up Santana for a quick two-count. Tag to Kassidy again, who punches Santana, but gets chopped hard. Santana prevents a springboard from Kassidy and powerbombs him. Ortiz tags in with a DDT, then Santana hits a German suplex. Ortiz applies an octopus stretch to Kassidy, then releases it himself and slaps him.

*Commercial Break*

We return to find Ortiz beating Kassidy in the ring. Ortiz applies a Gory Special to Kassidy, Santana tags in and chops him while he’s in the move. Kassidy makes a tag and Quen forearms Santana over and over. Quen hits a springboard stunner to Ortiz on the apron, then flips over Santana and dives onto both men on the floor.

Ortiz is on the top rope but Santana prevents Private Party from double-teaming him. Ortiz kicks Santana backwards into a cutter, then Santana powerbombs Quen, and they hit a double-team cannonball in the corner.

Santana grabs the sock but Matt Hardy takes it from him. Santana superkicks Quen and Ortiz comes in. They look for the Street Sweeper but Kassidy knocks Ortiz outside, and they hit Gin and Juice for the win.

Winners: Private Party

Jericho yells at Orange Cassidy, then runs at him but before he can do anything they’re both restrained. Jericho screams at OC but he just walks off.

*Commercial Break*

Hangman Page and Omega are interviewed backstage and they say they respect and like Best Friends, but they just continue to beat every team that’s put in front of them, and tonight will be no different.

We see the card for next week’s Fyter Fest. The week after that will be Fight For The Fallen, but I don’t think they said if it would be a PPV or just a themed Dynamite like this.

Taz comes out with Brian Cage and says that next week’s main event has been postponed. Moxley will now face Brian Cage at Fight For The Fallen, in two weeks. Taz says they’re not mad, they’re happy to wait. He says Moxley is at home, pretending he has Coronavirus, even though he’s tested negative twice. Moxley has a case of something: the chicken $hits. Mox is afraid of the machine, because he will beat his brains in and take the title from his dumb ass. July 15th, Fight For The Fallen.

*Commercial Break*

AEW Tag Team Championships

(C) Kenny Omega & Hangman Page Vs. Best Friends

The main event gets underway with Chuck and Kenny. They lock-up and Kenny shoots Chuck off. Omega attempts a V-Trigger but Chuck avoids it. Omega flips over Taylor and they exchange reversals, then make tags to Trent and Page.

They lock-up and Page takes a headlock, Trent shoots him off, and Page hits a shoulder but Trent stays upright. Page punches him and Trent punches back, then Hangman lands repeated forearms. Trent hits a back suplex and tags Chuck to hit a double-team shoulder tackle.

Chuck hits a suplex for a quick two-count, then forces Page to the corner and tags Trent. Page counters them and suplexes Chuck onto Trent. Tag to Omega and he hits a backbreaker to Trent for a two-count. Tag to Page, Kitaro Crusher from Omega, and a shooting star press from Page earns a two-count. FTR come out with a cooler and beech seats to watch the match.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break and Page has Trent in a submission on the mat. Trent fights up with some chops but gets Irish whipped hard into the buckles and hit with a lariat. Whoever wins this match will have to defend the titles against Private Party next week. Chuck helps Trent avoid another hard whip, and Trent drops Adam to make a tag.

Chuck knocks both Page and Omega to the floor and dives over the ropes onto them. Page is whipped into the barricade, then Trent hits Kenny with a suicide dive and Chuck belly-to-belly’s him into Page sitting against the barricade.

Back inside the ring, Best Friends team against Page but Hangman knocks Taylor out and hits Trent with a fallaway slam. Dive over the ropes onto Chuck, then hits Trent with a huge lariat. Omega tags in with a stiff missile dropkick to the back of Trent, then hits a fisherman buster for a near-fall.

Fireman slam from Omega, but Trent counters the moonsault. Trent hits a running knee and tags Chuck for a spike DDT and a near-fall. Omega gets hit with a big knee from Chuck but comes back with a snap dragon suplex. Trent tags in and he eats the dragon also. And another suplex to Chuck, leaving Best Friends in the same corner.

Page tags in and hits a running forearm, Omega throws Chuck into a German suplex. Page then hits a powerbomb to Trent and Kenny hits a knee to the back for a near-fall. The Champions look for The Last Call but Trent avoids it and Chuck comes back to hit Strong Zero. Omega breaks the count, then eats a powerbomb from Chuck that absolutely spiked him.

A hug from the Best Friends leads to a kick from Page that knocks Chuck out. Two rolling forearms to Trent, but a roll-up almost earns Trent the titles. Hangman hits the Dead-Eye but Trent kicks out, but the Buckshot Lariat wins the match.

Winners: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

After the match, FTR walk down to the ring and give beers to both Omega and Page. Kenny doesn’t drink though, instead he pours it out. Cash and Dax aren’t happy but the Bucks run down and get between them.

And that’s it for Night One of AEW Fyter Fest. Let us know what you thought of the show and be sure to check out our results for NXT: Great American Bash Night One. Until next time, stay safe.

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