WWE has their own way of doing things because Vince McMahon says so. There is an interesting reason why the company won’t just stop matches when a real possible injury gets in the way.

During RAW this week, (click here for the full results) Bayley was knocked silly by a spinning backfist from Asuka. This might have caused other companies to stop the match. It took her a bit of time to recollect herself and carry on.

Dave Meltzer revealed during Wrestling Observer Radio (transcription by Ringside News), that Vince McMahon hates the idea of referee stoppage. McMahon never watches anything with that concept in it. It’s just an idea that he never latched onto. He might give it a few weeks, but those ideas never stick.

“Vince hates the ref stoppage because he didn’t grow up watching boxing or MMA. He doesn’t even know what MMA is practically. So whenever someone brings up an MMA concept to him he might give it its 3 weeks, but it’s always gonna be forgotten. That’s a lock.”

Vince McMahon approves every angle and match on WWE programming because it is what he wants to see. Obviously, McMahon also wants to see the stories he plans for matches play out. This is one of the contributing factors why he wants a match to continue instead of stopping.

WWE has been forced to stop matches in the past, but it’s a rarity. Now we know why McMahon is so against the idea of calling off a match even if one of the competitors probably shouldn’t continue.

Thanks to Wrestling Observer Radio, transcription by Ringside News

Felix Upton

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