Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage for WWE RAW on July 6th.

Tonight’s show only has two announced matches at the time of writing, and that is a showdown between the RAW Women’s Champion, Asuka, and the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley. This match will serve as a primer for Asuka Vs. Banks at Extreme Rules.

The other announced match for tonight will see Rey Mysterio return to the ring to battle Seth Rollins and Murphy, with Aleister Black at his side. It has yet to be confirmed, but it’s a certainty that Rey will face Rollins at Extreme Rules, with some sort of stipulation that I imagine will see Rey put his mask on the line.

The only other thing we know about tonight’s RAW is that Dolph Ziggler will choose the stipulation for his WWE Championship match against Drew McIntyre. We’re likely to get more from Randy Orton and Big Show, as well as Andrade and Angel Garza’s chase of the Street Profits.

So follow along here as the show starts at 8 PM EST, and remember to join us on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy the show!


This week’s RAW kicks-off with the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre coming to the ring. Drew gets right down to business and says it doesn’t matter what stipulation Dolph Ziggler chooses for The Horror Show, because he will beat him. So Drew invites Dolph out to tell us all what it will be.

Ziggler comes to the stage and says everybody wants to hear what the stipulation will be, but guess what? It’s a secret. That’s right, Drew made a mistake in letting him pick the stipulation, and now he won’t know until Extreme Rules.

McIntyre says it doesn’t matter because he’s the WWE Champion. Dolph says they can compare resume’s if he wants, because Drew’s has a pretty big gap in it. McIntyre says that he’s tired of hearing it. He’s proud of his comeback story and he hope it inspired others.

Dolph says Drew didn’t do it all himself, and he’s left plenty of people by the wayside, not just himself. Dolph then introduces someone else McIntyre left: Heath Slater. The fired Superstar comes down to the ring with Dolph Ziggler and refutes a handshake.

Heath says Drew and him go way back. He remembers when Drew came to America, and he was one of the first people to get called up to the “main roster”. He was the chosen one. But they both know he wasn’t the guy, wasn’t ready. The man standing in the ring today though, he is the chosen one.

Slater says he was sitting at home in April, watching Drew McIntyre Claymore Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship. He was so happy it made him cry, pure joy for his brother. And Drew knows he loves him because when McIntyre was fired he called him to see how he was. They went to dinner together. But where was Drew when he got released?

Slater says the last time they spoke was on The Bump. And Drew knows his two little girls, his actual kids. They believe in him, and he wants McIntyre to know he was there for him. He said Drew promised him on The Bump he would petition to have a match with him. That whole “I got kids” thing wasn’t just a gimmick, it was real. And this is probably his last shot. He wants Drew to give him what he deserves. What McIntyre promised him.

McIntyre doesn’t look interested. Slater pushes him and asks him to fight. McIntyre doesn’t respond so Heath slaps him across the face. Drew says he’s on, he’s got the fight.

*Commercial Break*

Drew McIntyre Vs. Heath Slater W/Dolph Ziggler

We return live and this match gets underway, with both men in their jeans. Ziggler gets on the apron to distract the Champion, allowing Slater to attack Drew and force him to the corner. Slater rips his shirt off but turns around into a Claymore. Drew pins Heath while staring at Dolph.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

McIntyre stares down Ziggler after the match, then grabs his belt and leaves. Ziggler gets into the ring and berates Heath, shoving him in the face. Heath shoves him down and Ziggler tackles Slater to punch him. McIntyre runs back down and Ziggler high-tails it. Slater sits on the mat, teary-eyed. McIntyre helps him up and they hug.

Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Sasha Banks and Bayley. She starts to ask a question but Bayley interrupts her and says they can just go talk to the world. The Tag Champions leave but Asuka appears behind Sarah. She asks Asuka how she can cope with them by herself? Asuka says she isn’t alone, then dances off.

*Commercial Break*

Bayley and Sasha Banks are in the ring when we come back from the break. Banks says everyone needs to get used to seeing them on all three shows, with all the gold. Bayley agrees because she’s going to beat Nikki Cross at Extreme Rules. Banks says she will beat Asuka and become Two Belts Banks, then they will own the company.

Asuka comes out to the stage and mocks Sasha. Asuka says Bayley is not ready for her, and Sasha is not ready for her friend. Bayley says if Asuka has some great secret she should reveal it, because Sasha is ready to face anyone. Asuka then invites Kairi Sane out and they make their way to the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Sasha Banks W/Bayley Vs. Kairi Sane W/Asuka

We return and the bell rings. Sasha beats Kairi into the corner and pounds her down before gloating. Sane hits an arm-drag, then chops Sasha in the chest repeatedly. Irish whip by Sasha but Sane catches her with a headscissors and a dropkick for a two-count. Sane applies a straightjacket submission to Banks.

Sasha fights up and reverses the hold. Kairi counters into an octopus stretch. Banks tries to escape but gets rolled-up for a two-count. Sasha drops Kairi and takes a minute to taunt Asuka. Bayley runs over and joins in but Asuka shoves her. Kairi throws Banks from the ring, then hits both her and Bayley with a baseball slide.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Banks is beating Kairi against the bottom rope and talking trash. Sane fires back with right hands but gets hit with a backbreaker. Banks drapes Sane across the ropes and drills her with double knees. After a back submission, Kairi rolls to the apron but Banks goes after her and face washes her.

Back inside, Banks looks to hit the double knees again but Sane slides out to the apron. Kairi kicks Sasha, then chops her chest. Sane goes up top and hits a flying punch for a two-count. Sane hits a running blockbuster and flying neckbreaker. Banks whips Sane to the ropes but she hits a spear.

Sane stomps around the ring, runs, and hits a sliding forearm to Banks in the corner for a near-fall. Banks counters Sane and hits a running Meteora for a two-count. Banks hits running knees in the corner, then goes up top but misses a flying meteora. Sane applies a modified Boston crab and in comes Bayley to attack her.

Winner Via Disqualification: Kairi Sane

Asuka runs in to help but she gets overwhelmed by the Tag Champs. All three women brawl on the floor until Kairi jumps off the top rope onto them with the InSane Elbow!

We see a replay of last Monday when Seth Rollins beat Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black in a tag match, then tried to blind Carrillo. The camera cuts backstage and we see Aleister Black pinned down under some metal rods, wearing a Rey Mysterio mask. Seth and Murphy are there, and Seth says “that’s a damn shame”.

*Commercial Break*

The Viking Raiders are backstage, practising bowling, when The Big Show appears. He says he loves to have fun, but tonight is serious. Tonight they’re going to be teaming against Randy Orton, Angel Garza, and Andrade. They say they will take things seriously because they looked-up to Christian, and Edge is a fellow Viking. And they too have a five second pose. They pose and Big Show slaps the chest of them both. Ivar gets mad but Erik gets between them and says tonight, the raid will be on.

Kevin Owens comes to the ring for the KO Show. He says that, before he gets started, he should just get rid of the set dressing, so he throws the chairs out of the ring. He says his guest tonight is not someone you’d expect to see on the show tonight, considering their history. He introduces a “big piece of trash”, Seth Rollins.

Rollins comes down to the ring with Murphy. Seth asks why KO removed the chairs, that he has no intention of getting physical. He thanks Owens and says he’s happy to be here. Seth asks how his fractured ankle is, the ankle KO injured at WrestleMania against him. Owens says it’s good, surely better than Seth’s ego.

Owens says they faced each other at WrestleMania, and they have a bond because of it. Wrestling at that show is what they all strive towards, so when two people perform together they form a bond. So he wants to commemorate it, and hands Seth the shirt he wore that night. Seth thanks him but says he sees what he’s trying to do. And he has news for him, he doesn’t give a damn about him or his show, he only came out to use him as a platform to address Rey Mysterio.

Now that Rey is cleared to compete, he’s formally challenging him to a match at Extreme Rules. It’s time to make Rey a permanent sacrifice. But now that that is out of the way, they can dredge up the past. He says things haven’t been going so good for Owens since WrestleMania, having been injured and done very little while he’s rose to prominence.

Rollins says Owens might realise he can get more fighting alongside him. Fight for the greater good. It would give him purpose. Rey Mysterio comes out with Dominik and asks if Seth really thinks Owens will fall for his BS. And as for his challenge, he accepts. At Extreme Rules, Seth’s destiny will be in his hands.

Seth says he loves this. But what about tonight? Black is injured, so is Rey going to compete 2-on-1? Or maybe his boy can join in and lose his eye too. Owens interrupts and says he will gladly fight by Rey Mysterio’s side. Owens suggests the winning team tonight get to choose the stipulation at Extreme Rules. Seth says they’re on and Murphy immediately attacks KO. Rey and Owens clear the ring as we head to the break.

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Seth Rollins & Murphy Vs. Kevin Owens & Rey Mysterio W/Dominik

We return to find Rey beating on Murphy in the corner, then the lucha legend hits a springboard crossbody. Rey knocks Murphy from the ring, hits a baseball slide, then a hurricanrana from the apron that slams Murphy into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Rey goes for a crossbody but Murphy rolls through for a pin attempt. Owens tags in and punches Murphy down in the corner. Murphy gets chopped and slammed into the buckles, then whipped hard into the opposite corner. Owens hits an atomic drop and a lariat for a two-count.

Murphy breaks away to make the tag, and Seth comes in fast with right hands to Owens. KO fires back with a lariat and a senton. Seth rolls outside but Owens goes after and slams him into the apron. Back inside and tags are made to both men. Rey landed awkwardly after a back suplex but recovered with a headscissors to Murphy that landed him on the middle rope.

Rey gets distracted by Seth, allowing Murphy to hit an enziguiri. Dominik then distracts Murphy, so him and Seth try to intimidate him after punching Owens. Rollins rakes the eyes of Dom, then him and Murphy run to the ring to avoid the incoming Rey and KO. The heels have the high ground.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break and Seth is targeting the ankle of Kevin, stomping it and applying a half Boston crab. Seth lines-up a shot in the corner but runs into a superkick and both men are down. Tags to Rey and Murphy, and Mysterio hits a springboard senton, tilt-a-whirl slam, and a headscissors into the ring post.

Rollins and Murphy both get dropped on the middle rope, but both slide out of the ring. Rollins grabs Dominik from behind and starts backing up the ramp but out comes Aleister Black. Seth drops to his knees on the ramp. Murphy gets Rey back in the ring but Dom rakes the eyes of Murphy and sends him inside. Rey hits the 619 and splash for the win!

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Kevin Owens

After the match Rey gets on the microphone and says he has the perfect stipulation for The Horror Show. He says “eye for an eye”, he’s willing to rip Seth’s eye out with his bare hands.

Charly Caruso interviews MVP and Bobby Lashley backstage. She starts to talk about Apollo but Lashley says he crushed him and it won’t be long until he loses the United States Championship. MVP says the future of the United States Championship can only be described as “ballin’”.

*Commercial Break*

MVP and Lashley come to the ring, where there is a new belt draped in cloth on a red, white, and blue table. MVP says that, when Crews came to WWE a while ago, he was shining bright but he burned out quickly. Because he passed through their orbit. He says Crews disrespected him and by proxy, he disrespected Lashley. And when he beats Crews at The Horror Show, he won’t be the Champion any more but he’ll have the memories. MVP promises his next US Title run will be as good as the first two, then reveals the new United States Championship.

He says the new belt is befitting of a legend like him. Lashley says they may as well just make it official, so he crowns MVP the new Champ and puts the belt on him. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander come out. Cedric says that belt is prestige but MVP should know better than anyone that titles are earned, not handed out. Ricochet says that Apollo will be back soon, but MVP hurt their friend and they’re here to make sure the hurt business goes to 11. They clear the ring as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

MVP & Bobby Lashley Vs. Ricochet & Cedric Alexander

MVP takes off his suit jacket but tags Lashley, who comes in and slams Cedric. Bobby forces Alexander to the corner and beats him down. Alexander kicks Lashley away, tags Ricochey, and they team to hit stereo enziguiri’s. Ricochet gets thrown to the apron, kicks Bobby, then jumps up but Lashley knocks him to the floor.

MVP gets a tag and slams Ricochet into the steel steps, then the barricade. Lashley tags back in and rams Ricochet in the corner, then hits a neckbreaker for a two-count. MVP tags in and punches Ricochet in the corner, hits a snapmare and a kick to the back. MVP applies a rear chinlock but Ricochet fights up, only to get clocked with a big boot.

Lashley is back in and he punches Ricochet down before hitting a stalling vertical suplex. Sleeper hold from Lashley. Ricochet fights up but gets hit with a big flatliner. MVP tags in for the pin but only gets a two-count. Ricochet counters a suplex and hits a heel kick. Both men are down and Alexander gets the tag.

Cedric hits MVP with a flurry, then dropkicks Lashley off the apron. Cedric hits a tornado DDT for a near-fall. Lashley gets a blind tag and he spears Alexander for the win.

Winners: MVP & Bobby Lashley

The referee hands MVP his new United States Championship after the match and they pose together. Lashley applies the full nelson to Cedric but Ricochet dropkicks him and they rereat.

We see Andrade backstage with Garza and Vega, he says he doesn’t want to talk. Ric Flair comes up and says they were all great last week. Flair says tonight is a must-do mission, otherwise all of them will have to answer to…Orton appears and confirms all three of them are third-generation Superstars. He says he respects them, a little, but tonight is about him and Big Show. If they get in his way, he will not hesitate to introduce them to the legend killer. Orton gives them fist bumps and leaves.

*Commercial Break*

Charly Caruso interviews The Kabuki Warriors backstage and they speak Japanese. Asuka says together they are better than Banks and Bayley, so they challenge them to a title match next week. Kairi then plays a flute as Asuka dances off.

The Big Show & The Viking Raiders Vs. Randy Orton, Andrade, & Angel Garza W/Zelina Vega

This six-man tag team match begins with Big Show and Garza. Angel tries to take a leg but gets clobbered with a forearm. Big Show forces Garza to the corner and stands on his back. Show stares at Randy on the apron, allowing Garza to land some right hands, but Show headbutts him.

Ivar tags in and slams Garza, then tags Erik who rams him in the corner with a shoulder. Tag made to Big Show and he kicks Garza down, then beats him in the corner. Show taunts Orton, then drags Garza back to his corner and tags Ivar. Garza counters a back suplex and tags Andrade.

Show tags Ivar, then all three of them body slam each other onto Andrade. Garza and Vega worry about Andrade but Orton drops off the apron. Garza goes out and asks Orton what he’s doing. Randy slams him up against the plexi-glass and holds him by the face, saying he’ll put him in the dirt if he doesn’t get it together.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Orton tags himself in to beat Ivar in the corner. He tags Garza and applauds him sarcastically when he beats on Ivar. The big man rolls under a lariat and tags Erik, who hits an overhead suplex and a huge knee to the jaw. Erik knocks Andrade off the apron and stares at Orton who smiles at him.

Garza capitalizes and tags Randy, who knees Erik in the corner and delivers European uppercuts. Tag to Andrade and he stomps on Erik. Andrade chokes Erik over the top rope, then chops his chest hard. Big Show finally gets the tag and comes in hot against Andrade with shoulders and a splash in the corner.

Big Show readies for a Chokeslam but Orton runs in and attempts an RKO but gets shoved off. Orton taunts Show from outside the ring, allowing Andrade to apply a sleeper to the giant. Big Show slings him off and tags Ivar, who drops Andrade and tags Erik. Andrade and Garza toss Ivar out, then Orton RKO’s Erik for the pin.

Winners: Randy Orton, Andrade, & Angel Garza

The IIconics are backstage and Royce says she can’t wait to see Kay beat up Ruby Riott tonight. They say her tattoos are ugly and she has no friends. Kay says she’s such a loser but Ruby appears behind them and calls them dumbasses. Ruby says she never had an issue with them but hearing their voices makes her neck twitch. Her focus is on them tonight, and when all is said and done it’s not going to be iconic, it’ll be tragic.

MVP is backstage with Cedric Alexander and says he has some questions for him. He says it takes a lot of heart to stand up to him and Lashley, and he’s impressed by him. MVP says Cedric is holding himself back by being Ricochet’s sidekick. Cedric says he sees what MVP is trying to do, divide and conquer. MVP ponders why, if they’re equal partners, Ricochet has a new 365 documentary, why doesn’t he? He says if Cedric is content to be a sidekick, he’s gonna spend the rest of his career in the canteen watching other people be successful.

*Commercial Break*

Ric Flair is backstage with Randy Orton, running down his accomplishments. R-Truth runs into Orton and knocks him down. Orton get in his face but Truth turns to Flair and says he cleans up well for the dirtiest player in the game. Too clean. He knows he’s Tozawa. Before Flair can protest, Tozawa’s voice can be heard yelling so Truth runs off. Tozawa and his ninja’s appear and look terrified of Orton. Randy tells them Truth went the opposite way and they run off. The announcers ponder why Orton might help Truth.

Ruby Riott Vs. Billie Kay W/Peyton Royce

The match begins and Ruby connects a few punches into Billie but runs into a big boot. Kay forces Ruby to the corner and chokes her with her boot. Kay applies a bow and arrow submission to Ruby, but she fights out into a pin attempt for one.

Ruby drills Kay with a right hand, then hits a back elbow and slams Kay into the buckles. Royce causes a distraction, allowing Kay to punch her in the throat and hit a boot to the face. Kay hits a powerbomb for the win!

Winner: Billie Kay

Charly interviews Bayley and Banks backstage, and asks about the challenge put forth by Asuka and Kairi Sane. Sasha says they accept because it’ll make them realise they’ll never be Champions again. Bayley isn’t happy but Banks talks her around, and says tonight she will prove to Asuka that she is the best Champion in WWE.

*Commercial Break*

Nikki Cross makes her entrance and joins the commentary team.

Asuka W/Kairi Sane Vs. Bayley W/Sasha Banks

This Champion Vs. Champion match gets underway and Asuka drops Bayley with a shoulder, then tries to take her down with an armbar but Bayley rolls from the ring. Asuka attempts a baseball slide but Bayley grabs her feet, spins her around, and knees her in the face.

 Bayley gets in the face of Nikki Cross and slaps her headset off, leading to Cross getting carried off by security guards. Bayley jumps off the apron at Asuka but eats a knee to the face.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Asuka slams Bayley, then kicks her in the back. Bayley drops repeated forearms to the back of Asuka, then slams her face into the mat. Bayley puts Asuka in the corner and lays in some shots, then hits a snapmare into a sleeper.

Asuka starts to fight up but Bayley slams her back down. Asuka is thrown from the ring and Banks starts to get involved but Sane helps her. Bayley dives through the ropes and into a knee from Asuka. Back in the ring, Asuka drills the SmackDown Champion with kicks and a running knee for a near-fall.

Bayley runs out of the ring, then slides back in to get the upper hand and catapult Asuka into the middle rope, then again. Bayley sends Asuka out of the ring and slams her into the announce table. Bayley talks trash with Samoa Joe as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Bayley is in command of Asuka when we return, grinding her into the mat. Asuka rallies but Bayley drops her for a two-count, then goes to talk to Banks about tactics. Bayley puts Asuka down and pushes her face into the mat with a forearm.

Asuka makes a comeback with a spinning backfist, followed by a Codebreaker. A dropkick and a knee to the face, followed by a running splash from Asuka. The Empress hits a release German suplex, superkick, and a running hip attack for a near-fall.

Asuka kicks Bayley against the middle rope, then attempts another hip attack but gets caught by Bayley and forearmed. Bayley runs into a legit spinning backfist from Asuka, right into the forehead, then Asuka knocks her from the apron to the floor. Asuka attempts a running kick from the apron but it’s caught and Bayley slams her down.

Asuka kicks Bayley, then hits a missile dropkick from the top rope for a near-fall. Asuka gets knocked from the top rope to the floor, then Bayley drills her with a knee against the barricade. Bayley puts her back in the ring, but takes a minute to cheap shot Kairi. The referee deals with Sane, allowing Banks to hit Asuka and Bayley lands a side suplex for a near-fall.

Banks runs over to the announce table and grabs a bottle of water. Bayley takes a drink, then throws it over Asuka. Nikki Cross appears in the crowd, beating the glass, and Bayley backs up. Asuka grabs Bayley and drags her into the ring with the Asuka Lock. Banks runs in but gets speared by Kairi Sane. Bayley rolls backwards but Asuka counters into a roll-up for the win!

Winner: Asuka

We see replays of the end of the match. Banks and Bayley retreat up the ramp while Asuka poses with the belt. Next week The Kabuki Warriors will challenge for the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

And that’s it for this week’s RAW. Let us know what you thought and come back tomorrow for all your wrestling news. Until then, safe travels.

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