The #SpeakingOut movement called out a lot of people for misconduct in the pro wrestling business. Vince Russo was not on that list, and he made sure of that decades prior to there even being such a movement.

Vince Russo worked for WWE, WCW, and TNA, but he kept his family in the back of his mind. He never wanted to let anything come between those relationships at home.

During The Brand, Vince Russo opened up about the backstage culture and how he never forgot that he had a family. He had no idea that the #SpeakingOut movement would happen so many years later, but he is very glad that he kept his wife and children in mind.

“Back in the day when I was happily married and I had three children? I kind of realized…once I understood what the wrestling business was? I always had my back up.”

“I didn’t know in 20 years that they were going to be calling people out. And sh*t, I didn’t know that, but I always had my back because I had a freaking family. I had a wife and I had children. I was not going to get in anything that would have got me in any kind of trouble.”

“And I remember so many times when I would have to go in the woman’s locker room. At TNA the women had a trailer, and bro? I’d have to find them during the day to do pre-tapes and all that sh*t bro. I always was so cautious. And just so careful and so respectful of them. I say this all the time bro, when I worked with these beautiful, beautiful women bro? I felt like they were more like daughters than attractive women. That’s how I looked at them. You’ve got to be really, really careful in everything that you do. So that’s why.”

Russo saw a lot in the pro wrestling business, and he might not be able to disclose everything. He knows what he was involved with, and he was always very careful not end up in a situation where he could be accused of any misconduct.

He looked at the females at his job as more like his daughters which was a very wise mindset in retrospect.

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