Despite not having wrestled a match since early 2014, CM Punk still continues to be one of the most popular entities in the business. Every now and then, a report or a rumor about Punk’s in-ring return makes rounds on the internet.

However, the closest Punk came to a WWE/pro-wrestling return was his stint on WWE Backstage. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled late last month.

Konnan revealed on Keepin’ It 100 podcast that while he was negotiating with AEW, he got to learn a few details about why the company couldn’t sign CM Punk.

The former WCW Superstar revealed that CM was asking an “astronomical amount of money” to work for AEW. Although the company wanted to work with the former WWE Champion, his demands couldn’t be met and the deal fell through.

I do remember when you know, I was negotiating with AEW — they were telling me about him. They were telling me that he was asking for like an astronomical amount of money. That they really wanted to work with him.

Punk’s inclusion on WWE Backstage couldn’t help the show with their poor ratings. However, Punk was reportedly getting paid a good amount of money to make appearances on the show.

Now that WWE Backstage has been canceled, it will be interesting to see where Punk goes to next.

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Darshan Sheth

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