Kane Votes Against Wearing Masks In Knox Country Mandate


The debate about wearing masks wages on. Now Kane is weighing in on the matter.

WVLT’s Zack Rickens reports that Knox County voted to mandate masks. Kane was the only one who voted no. Kane, who wore a mask for decades now votes against them.

BREAKING: Knox County Board of Health votes 7-1 to mandate a mask ordinance for anyone inside certain buildings. Mayor Jacobs is the only nay. Board will re-evaluate the order at its next meeting.

Mask mandates are popping up all over the United States. The COVID-19 pandemic is seeing record numbers, and masks are proven to help. Some have come out against wearing masks like Austin Aries and Low-Ki. Now we can add Kane to that list.

Others have spoken out in favor of wearing masks like Bayley, Kevin Owens, Matt Hardy, and more. Masks are now required to be worn in the WWE Performance Center crowd.

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