Austin Aries shared a controversial opinion about wearing masks during a pandemic. He doesn’t feel responsible for making sure that others don’t get sick. This caused him to trend on Twitter, and he noticed.

Aries fired off a string of tweets to share his opinions concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. He also commented on how it’s amazing that he can trigger people “about the idea of personal responsibilities and choices.”

Wow, I’m trending #1…in horoscopes! Amazing how many people I triggered about the idea of personal responsibilities and choices. I’m not even anti-mask….I am anti mandates and pro personal responsibility and choice.

“Just wear your mask, it’s easy and it shows compassion for the well-being of those around.” “Just go vegan, it’s easy and it shows compassion for the well-being of those around you.” Two statements, that while the same, garner much different reactions. Explain to me why?

I happily accept the purge of followers underway as I shift into my authentic self. And I know as I continue into that realm, I will be blessed with so many new followers aligned with who I truly am as a human being, not just a wrestling character.

I hate typos. Can’t we just chip my brain so I don’t need to text and can just think my thoughts and they appear? I hope that’s a feature of Dr. Gates new vax he’s intent on rolling out. “Just wear the vax, it’s not hard. You dont take the vax for you, you’re taking it for me.”

Aries also jumped on Instagram and released a video about the subject. You can check that out below.

The debate about wearing masks wages on as more positive cases of COVID-19 are discovered at an alarming rate. Things like NCAA Football could be on the chopping block if they are unable to slow the spread. Masks have been proven to slow the spread of COVID-19. If that happens then we might be able to go back to normal.

Kevin Owens shared a very personal reason why people should wear masks during this pandemic. He lost his grandfather-in-law to the coronavirus, and they had to watch his funeral via Zoom. Austin Aries obviously has a different opinion.

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