Crowd Is Now Reportedly Wearing Masks At WWE Television Taping

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WWE didn’t allow people in the crowd to wear masks last time around. It seems that policy might have changed following multiple positive coronavirus test results.

Shotzi Blackheart is hard to miss in the crowd at the WWE Performance Center. She is the only fan with green hair. She also enjoys getting a little workout in while standing in place.

Blackheart tweeted out that she’s “getting those lunges during SmackDown breaks today.” This is something she’s done before to keep in shape while being a fan at the PC.

Someone replied to her saying that it would be much better if WWE allowed people to wear masks. She replied that they are wearing masks.

We will have to see if those masks are on the entire time, or if they are just on when the camera isn’t rolling. Kevin Dunn was shouting down orders for people to remove masks during the last set of television tapings.

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