Vine McMahon is a fascinating man who used the pro wrestling business to make himself a billionaire. What is his life really like?

The novel coronavirus changed a ton of things about WWE. McMahon is no longer required to make towns across the country with his company. He still has a strict schedule that he sticks to every day. Arn Anderson was happy to talk about this on the ARN podcast.

McMahon gets up early every day and works out in his home gym. He lives in his own bubble which is why he is never seen signing autographs or snapping selfies with fans. It seems that McMahon has his life streamlined to get the most productivity possible out of each day.

“You’re asking me if he signs autographs and takes pictures? No, I’ve never seen that. I’m pretty sure that’s never happened, and never will happen. He kind of functions in his own bubble. It probably goes something like this. Now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing. You judge it, but [he’s] got a gym in his house, gets up early in the morning, gets a work out, has a limo to pick him up to take him to the airport, walks up the steps to a private plane, goes to the town, gets out of the limo [and] goes straight to building. He walks straight into his office.”


“From his office, he goes straight into the meeting room where he’ll spend most of the afternoon. He’ll go straight to gorilla. When it’s time, shows over. [He goes] straight to another limo, straight to the private plane [goes] next to the next town, straight to the hotel that they’re staying at, comfy hotel. And around three or four in the morning, he’ll go to the gym again. To the next morning, repeat. That’s pretty much the day and the life of Vince McMahon, I think.”

“From what I gathered and heard, that’s pretty accurate. So, that doesn’t leave time for autographs [and] pictures, handshaking, ‘Thanks for coming.'”

Anderson was fired from WWE in 2019 so he doesn’t know what McMahon’s current schedule is like. When WWE was running at full steam with live events and a full touring schedule he had a very good idea what The Chairman’s daily routine consisted of.

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Odds are Vince McMahon’s schedule is very similar to the one spoke about above. He is simply going to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando instead of a new city each time.

WWE is a huge company and it takes a very busy man to pull it all together. The big question is who can do what Vince McMahon does when he is no longer able to do it?

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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