Sasha Banks Belittles Io Shirai’s Accomplishments In WWE NXT

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Io Shirai is the NXT Women’s Champion, and she’s just getting started. This is a point that Sasha Banks was happy to make while speaking to BT Sport.

The Boss took a shot at Io Shirai’s accomplishments in WWE so far. She continued saying that the Genius Of The Sky hasn’t done anything that measures up to what Banks was able to accomplish.

Sasha Banks is a member of WWE’s Four Horsewomen. She bluntly stated that without her there would be no NXT. The way Sasha Banks sees it Io Shirai is only “paying rent” on her former stomping grounds.

She hasn’t even touched anything I’ve done, sweetheart. Oh my gosh, she wouldn’t even be in NXT if it wasn’t for me. She is barely just getting started. She wants to claim that’s her NXT. I made NXT, and she’s just paying rent.

Sasha Banks sent out a video clip of her interview while asking “do you know how much it cost to own a college??! Full Sail lol pay up you fools. Mama gotta keep the light on for you.”

Io Shirai isn’t the only person that Sasha Banks fired shots at recently. It seems that she is open to accept any target including Chris Jericho.

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