Paul Heyman had his own way of doing thing on RAW. Heyman even reportedly had legit trade with Eric Bischoff to make sure he got who he wanted. Now that Paul Heyman is out Bruce Prichard is over both main roster shows.

Bruce Prichard will likely change a lot of things that Paul Heyman was working on. Some younger Superstars are understandably concerned. This might bring back some established names, but the company’s goal to build new Superstars is now on the back burner once again.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas spoke about the backstage creative change in WWE. He believes this change will bring back the casual fan that became a lapsed fan since the pandemic drove so many of them away.

“It’s an interesting move. It’s not like it’s nothing new, as creative gets shaken up on like a five-year cycle. I think the idea here is to try and get some fresh ideas. Bruce has worked closely with Vince for a long time, and I know there’s gonna be that element that Bruce is just gonna be a ‘yes guy’ for Vince. But also, Bruce understands what Vince likes, and maybe he can be that bridge.”


“Obviously, Paul had a different presentation and had a different vision. His style caters more to the die-hard, hardcore fan. What’s lost, in my opinion, is that casual fan that has seemed to tune out, especially now at this time, because everybody’s tuned in to different things. Maybe this is an attempt to see what works.”

Next week’s episode of RAW will be WWE’s second opportunity to show us how things will be different. It will be impossible to change everything at once, but as time goes on Paul Heyman’s fingerprints are certain to disappear.

What do you think about the creative change in WWE? Will it bring back fans? Sound off in the comments below!

Felix Upton

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