WWE brought friends and family into their television tapings. They joined the NXT Superstars in the crowd. The company’s plan is to slowly phase out those NXT Superstars. Soon the WWE Performance Center will be all fans.

The company didn’t let Superstars know that they brought in non-NXT Superstars. Talent discovered this news when they read about it online. Wrestling Inc reports that those friends and family are just “the beginning.”

Phase two will “ween out NXT recruits” and eventually just leave those friends and family. Select fans will eventually fill the PC, but they are keeping NXT Superstars around in case they need to “fill out” the audience.

Phase three will have a 100% live fan audience. They are shooting at 50% capacity right now. The hope is that this will show fans watching content at home that “things are returning to normal.”


It is reported that WWE’s goal is to convince fans that it’s okay to attend live evens again. If they see a 50% capacity WWE PC full of friends and family then they’ll want to join in.

Phase four is the final phase of WWE’s master plan to make a return to a new normal. They want to begin touring again for at least television and pay-per-view events by the fall.

This is a good plan, but it was also noted that “the train is likely to come off the tracks again.” A second wave of COVID-19 seems like it is on the horizon. Recent findings from the Orlando Internal Airport are also quite alarming.

Out of 500 employees tested for COVID-19 at the Orlando International Airport, 260 tested positive. That is the airport WWE Superstars and staff use to get in and out of Orlando every time they fly in.

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