Randy Orton and Edge are preparing for the Greatest Wrestling Match ever at Backlash. We will have to see what they pull off, but Edge was very honest about how much work they put into it.

The two battled at WrestleMania 36 in a last man standing match. That contest was 36 minutes and some fans thought it went on far too long.

While speaking to CBS Sports, Randy Orton addressed criticisms of his match against Edge at the show of shows. It is hard to compare their match to the Firefly Fun House or Boneyard Match. Some fans did and Orton pointed this out.

Other fans thought the match was too long. When compared to a four-minute Brock Lesnar match then yes, that match was a lot longer.


“I think if you take the Boneyard Match out of it and you take what Bray [Wyatt] and John Cena did — both of those were fantastic — but if you don’t compare us with that, I think we stole the show,” Orton said. “I did hear some bitching and moaning from the media and the fans about how long this match was. I just laugh, because I saw a couple matches, I think even the world title match, if you include entrances and the post-match celebration, they might have gone 4 minutes.

“If you want a 4-minute match where you see five different finishers back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back with zero facial expressions? If that’s the kind of fan you are, then I don’t want you to be a fan of mine because you don’t appreciate what we are trying to do in telling a story.

“At WrestleMania, I think we stole the show. At WrestleMania, I think we had the best story going into it, which definitely helped. The promos were killer, and it’s only going to get better and better. Now, at Backlash, are we doing to have ‘the greatest wrestling match ever?’ Eh. That’s subjective. I kind of painted myself into a corner and the pressure is definitely on, but if anybody is capable of it, it’s myself and Edge.”

Edge and Randy Orton were initially slated to battle again at SummerSlam, but Vince McMahon decided to pull the trigger early. The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever was also taped prior to the Backlash event.

We’ll have to see what they come up with at Backlash, but Randy Orton has a lot to say to defend his last outing with the Rated R Superstar.

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