WWE Is Still Recording Footage For Undertaker ‘The Last Ride’ Docuseries

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The Undertaker’s retirement from in-ring competition could be coming very soon. Is he ready for it?

While speaking with CBS Sports, The Undertaker revealed that WWE has not yet finished filming the Last Ride docuseries. The fact that they are still filming means that they are likely preparing for his last match.

The Undertaker believes he has it in him to perform that last match. He wants to go out with something that is fitting to his legacy. He doesn’t have a lot to prove, but The Undertaker still wants to put on one last great match.

“Right now, I don’t know. Obviously, I want to go out with a match on the big stage with a performance that you will think, ‘That is The Undertaker that I have known and have watched for 30 years,'” Calaway said. “I just want to be at that level so people can say, ‘Why on earth are you retiring? Why are you retiring when there is so much left in the tank?’

“I think that match is still in me, and I think I can deliver it. I think once that match is there, I think I can walk away and be happy. 

“This doc has really changed my perspective on a lot of things. It’s a personal thing, I don’t think I have anything left to prove to anyone. This is an internal thing and, in my mind, I’ve envisioned my exit and I’m just trying to find that exit.” 

WWE is currently airing the Last Ride docuseries. It is interesting that they are still getting footage for the on-going series. It should also be more proof that The Undertaker’s story isn’t over yet.

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