Matt Riddle is now on the WWE main roster. His final match in NXT was against Timothy Thatcher in a fight pit match. That match received some criticism, but Matt Riddle wishes he would have been able to interact more with the referee.

WWE brought Kurt Angle in to be the special guest referee for the fight pit match. They even offered Angle position as Riddle’s manager, but he turned it down.

While speaking with Talk Sport, Matt Riddle revealed something he had in mind for Angle. He didn’t really want to lose the match clean. Instead, he had an idea that Kurt Angle might screw him which would result in Riddle taking some aggression out on the Olympic Hero.

“You know what crossed my mind originally [with Kurt Angle]? There’s the management thing, but then like in my head – and maybe this is just greedy me – in my head, when I see Kurt Angle, even if I like him and I’m friendly with him, I know the money is in beating up Kurt Angle.”


“I was really hoping he was going to cost me the cage match and then the Bro was going to snap and beat up Kurt Angle! Some deadlift Germans to an Olympic gold medalist from the Stallion? You telling me everybody at home wouldn’t be like ‘no he didn’t just dump him on his head!’ – because that’s what I do! It would have been crazy.

Matt Riddle is now on SmackDown without Kurt Angle. We might never know what Angle and Riddle would be like as a tandem. We’re a few years late to see what they would have been able to do in the ring as well.

Felix Upton

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