WWE brought Armando Alejandro Montalvo back to court. This came after he was spotted outside WWE’s property carrying a cross and shouting. It wasn’t hard to find the footage, because he streamed it live on Facebook.

Montalvo met with a judge via a conference call for his hearing. He was told that he didn’t need to show up to the court house to attend a court hearing via telephone, but he arrived on time anyway. He also really pissed off some police officers by wearing red nose.

WWE’s attorney called in at the request of the judge. Montalvo told WWE’s attorney that he “filed a motion with the court.” He also informed WWE’s attorney that everyone in the courthouse pays taxes for WWE to conduct their business where he lives. He then stated “it’s not a crime for me to walk the streets.” This is what he was doing during the time of this incident, but he was also carrying a cross.

WWE’s attorney didn’t seem amused by anything Montalvo was doing or saying. He asked if she was watching him on Facebook Live, and WWE’s attorney confirmed that she was.


When the hearing started, WWE’s attorney proceeded to explain why they didn’t want to postpone this court date because they are afraid Montalvo’s trespassing will continue.

Montalvo called the female judge “baby girl” and upset her. She tried to stay calm, and she did a good job at it, but it was apparent that he didn’t get off on the right foot with her. As the proceedings continued, she was getting clearly annoyed with him.

Montalvo also started to talk first, but when the judge asked him to allow WWE’s attorney to begin, he said: “I’ll allow you two to start because I like the way you sound right now.”

World Wrestling Entertainment requested the judge to amend their order against Montalvo to not allow him within 1,000 feet from WWE property instead. He was across the street from the PC carrying a cross, so this new amendment could fill in that loophole.

WWE made it clear that they don’t want to take Montalvo’s money. They want to “reach some sort of resolution with him so we’re not here for years to come.” WWE understands Montalvo’s desire to become a wrestler and film it “just like he’s filming this for Facebook live.”

She also stated that WWE has hired additional security including off-duty police officers to watch the Performance Center due to Montalvo.

Montalvo stated that he clearly didn’t do anything wrong or he would be in jail right now. Then he got a bit more serious as he started to get his thought process together and state his case.

You can watch Montalvo’s entire Facebook Live stream below.

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