Lio Rush was pulled from the main roster and sent home. He went from touring the world alongside Bobby Lashley to doing nothing. It was a tough transition, but he slowly accepted his new place. Then he got a call from WWE with another idea.

While speaking to Ryback on Conversations With The Big Guy, Lio Rush really opened up about his opinion of WWE. He spoke about a very direct conversation that he had with Triple H about payment too.

“I was ready to move on, I accepted the situation for what it was. And, you know, I think I checked out about three four months after I didn’t hear anything [from WWE]. And once it got close six to seven I was like okay I have this plan that I’m gonna, you know, move out, get away from wrestling just get away from everything. Focus and work on myself, my family, and other interests that I have.”

“Then, you know, I got that call from Hunter. Some conversations were had you know over the next couple of weeks about, obviously pay. That was my main thing you know? I wasn’t screwing around. I said, ‘this is what needs to happen in order for me to come back, I didn’t hear anything from you guys for a seven months so I’m not just gonna come as soon as you whistle and tell me to come back.’”


Lio Rush became NXT Cruiserweight Champion, but it just wasn’t enough. He felt like he was played by WWE as they didn’t fully deliver.

“As happy as I was that I was able to live out a dream and win a WWE Championship? In front of my family, in front of my fans, my friends and stuff like that? It was very disappointing and underwhelming. Just because, I got played, I was fooled. And I blame myself for that. Because I should have. I should have known that that was gonna happen based off of past experiences with them [WWE].”

Lio Rush stated that he might never wrestle again. He followed that up by selling practically every piece of pro wrestling gear he’s ever worn. He even sold mask that he had made up that Triple H rejected.

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