Vice’s Dark Side Of The Ring brought rave reviews this season as they tackled some big stories from pro wrestling history. The cases of Chris Benoit, Owen Hart, New Jack, and more were covered in detail. There are plenty more stories to come, and Vice wants more episodes. There is one big hang up.

While speaking to Sports Illustrated, Executive Producer Evan Husney stated that everyone’s on board for season 3. The novel coronavirus is holding up production in a big way.

“A third season is something everybody involved wants to do. Vice wants to make a Season 3, we would love to see it happen, and we’re in those stages of conversation. Right now, there are just a lot of question marks about the future of production, and even the future of the world. Our show deals with a lot of travel, and we’d love to go international to places like Japan in Season 3, but there is a lot of uncertainty in terms of that. I can say that all parties want to see this happen, and there is no shortage of stories for us to cover. We’ve put a lot of thought into it already, and we’re getting ideas from people every minute on social media, which is awesome.”

Dark Side Of The Ring could continue for a long time as more pro wrestling legends are explored in greater detail. They might have done a lot of work by diving into the heart of these stories, but the pro wrestling industry is full of enough tales that could supply Dark Side Of The Ring for a long time to come.


Hopefully, the COVID-19 pandemic can allow them to get back to work soon.

Felix Upton

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