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Tonight’s first post-Double or Nothing Dynamite will see The Young Bucks team with Matt Hardy to battle Private Party and Joey Janela for some reason. Beyond that AEW is teasing the new Women’s Champion, Hikaru Shida, will be in action, and that’s it.

We know precious little about tonight’s show, but we imagine the TNT Champion, Cody, and the AEW World Champion, Moxley, will also be on the show. AEW will also announce the date of this year’s Fyter Fest PPV, which we assume will be June or July.

And that’s our preview for tonight’s AEW. The show begins at 8 PM EST and we’ll have results right here. Enjoy the show!



This week’s show opens with a video recap of Double or Nothing. The Inner Circle are outside the arena, sitting by a truck. Jericho lifts a t-shirt from one of a half dozen boxes and says they need to get rid of them because they say they won the Stadium Stampede match, but at least it’s just a few boxes. Santana says it isn’t just a few, then opens the truck to reveal hundreds of boxes. Jericho holds his face.

The Inner Circle will have a pep rally later tonight. We will also find out who Cody’s first TNT Championship opponent is, thanks to a Battle Royale. Kip Sabian will team with Jimmy Havoc to face SCU in a number one contender match, Brian Cage will be in action, and the Hikaru Shida will have her first match as AEW Women’s Champion. Not to mention, Mike Tyson will be here for some reason.

We see a backstage promo from The Elite, in which Matt Hardy does a few costume changes. It seems tonight he will be Extreme Matt.

Private Party & Joey Janela Vs. Matt Hardy & The Young Bucks

This six-man match kicks-off with Matt Jackson and Marq Quen. Nick and Isiah quickly get involved and the Bucks take them out with a double-team springboard. Joey runs in but gets thrown to the corner and the Bucks team with Matt to hit Poetry in Motion.

Nick shoulder tackles Kassidy, but comes back with a springboard Stunner and tags Quen, who hits Nick with a hurricanrana over the ropes to the floor. Janela tags in and hits a suicide dive, followed by a Death Valley Driver on the floor. Back in the ring and Kassidy is the legal man again, and he goes to an abdominal stretch.

Nick fights back and avoids Silly String, superkicks Quen off the apron, then throws Janela over the barricade and attempts a superkick but hits the Butcher. Meanwhile Matt and Matt are beating Kassidy in the corner. There’s a quick brawl with the Bucks and the wrestlers in the crowd, and JR makes fun of WWE using plexiglass to separate the crowd from the ring. Nick hits a monkey flip to Quen on the apron, then comes in with a Canadian Destroyer to Kassidy.

Tag made to Matt Hardy, and he comes in with lariats and a back body drop to Kassidy. Matt slams Kassidy, then looks for a Twist of Fate but gets clocked with an enziguiri. Hardy counters a bulldog and hits a DDT/reverse DDT to both Quen and Kassidy. Joey jumps in but gets hit with a side effect, then Matt heads up top and hits all three with a moonsault for a near-fall.

Hardy tags Matt Jackson but Janela kicks him in the back from the apron, then knocks both to the outside. Hardy trips Joey into the tree of woe using the ropes and the Bucks superkick his upside down head. Private Party hit stereo dives and Quen might have hurt himself. Kassidy jumps over the ropes with an STO to Matt for a two-count. Kassidy puts Matt on the top rope but he eats a superkick from Matt Jackson. Hardy hits a diving elbow, then Matt and Nick hit More Bang For Your Buck and nobody knows who is legal. Eventually Hardy covers the for the pin.

Winners: Matt Hardy & The Young Bucks

Matt Hardy helps the referee get Mark Quen backstage. Butcher and Blade storm the ring and beat on Matt and Nick. The Revolt (formerly The Revival) appear in a pick-up truck and walk to the ring! They lift the Bucks by the hair but turn and beat on The Butcher and The Blade! Dax and Cash hit a double-team piledriver to Blade, then turn their attention to the Bucks again. Butcher comes back and the Bucks superkick him, then FTR hit the Shatter Machine, or whatever it’s called now. FTR move for a handshake but FTR leave. Well, at least now AEW can officially say it has the best tag team in the world.

*Commercial Break*

The AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley, makes his way to the commentary table via the crowd and he seems in good spirits. He says he feels terrible after that war he was in. He says Lee came out of nowhere and gave him the fight of his life. but now Brian Cage has appeared and it’s his turn. So he’s here to scout his opponent.

Brian Cage W/Tazz vS. lEE jOHNSON

Cage attacks Johnson before the referee even rings the bell but then he gets the match started. Cage hits a big throw, an enziguiri, and a release German suplex. Tazz is laughing from ringside. Cage lifts Johnson and hits a powerbomb, then a buckle bomb, followed by the Drill Claw.

Winner: Brian Cage

Tazz enters the ring and gets on the microphone. He addresses Moxley and says he admires and respects everything he has done in his career. But at Fyter Fest he’s dealing with something different. He’s dealing with a machine. So he wants him to bring that grit and heart to Fyter Fest, because Cage wants to rip his heart out. “Understand that this is Brian Cage, the machine. Beat him if you can, survive if he lets you.”

*Commercial Break*

Dr. Britt Baker is wheeled out in a wheelchair and sits on the stage by Tony Schiavone. She wants him to read the rules of being a role model but then takes the microphone. She reads some of the rules and says last week’s assault on her was not an accident, it was a conspiracy that goes far and beyond. We see a picture on the big screen of her being attacked, and she says it was a clear 3-on-1 assault. She is good friends with the brass at TNT and there is no division without her. The next slide has a picture of Statlander and Baker says “you being an alien is a crock of $hit. Conspiracy.”

Britt then insults Shida and Nyla Rose, but there are no more slides, so she sends her helper to the back. The woman comes back with a big board with pictures and pins and rope like an evidence board. All the pins align on Aubrey Edwards, who she says is the brains behind the conspiracy. She says Edwards was there when she got concussed, there when she had her leg broke, and when she broke her nose…Aubrey was somewhere. They’ve tried to take her out but she will be back at AEW All Out. Her wheelchair says “roll model”.

*Commercial Break*

The Inner Circle are interviewed backstage and Jericho says the pep rally tonight will be one of the greatest things of all time. They have cheerleaders, drum lines, presents, and more. Orange Cassidy walks past in the background and Jericho is pissed.

Christi Jaynes Vs. Hikaru Shida

The match gets underway and they lock-up, with the Champ forcing the Brazilian newcomer to the ropes. Jaynes lands some chops, then hits a springboard arm-drag and does some dancing. Jayne is spending a lot more time talking and dancing than wrestling.

She grabs Shida by the hair but gets him with a forearm, then Shida pulls her hair and slams her into the buckles. Shida hits a running knee in the corner, Shida drags Jaynes under the bottom rope and hits a running knee. Back in the ring, Shida hits a backbreaker, then applies a rear chinlock. Shida slams Jaynes and gets a near-fall.

Shida sits on the top rope and patiently waits for Jaynes to get up, run off the ropes, and kick her. Jaynes then poses and no-sells everything, before going up top and hitting a sunset flip for a two-count. Jaynes attempts a springboard but nodody’s home and Shida hits a running knee. Shida hits a falcon arrow for the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

*Commercial Break*

Cody comes to the ring with Arn Anderson, and joins Tony Schiavone in the centre. Tony congratulates him and Cody asks if they know why Tom Brady is his favourite quarterback? He says it’s not because he’s from New England, hell he’s not even welcome in Connecticut. It’s because Tom Brady wasn’t picked first. And he wasn’t the first, second, or third person called when someone wants to create a wrestling company with the greatest wrestlers on the planet.

This isn’t a story of nepotism however, it’s of a 21 year-old kid who was called up when he barely knew how to hit the ropes. He didn’t get the dominant genes, he’s not the Simba in this tale, but he’s got an angry little mother at home. She’s got a broken ankle and she’s walking around. She taught him about grit and what it means to fight. So nobody will outrun him or outfight him. And so, every single week he will come out here and issue an open challenge. We’re still in the pandemic era of wrestling, we have no fans, but we watch for two hours every week and it’s his obligation to give us the best. This is where the fun begins.

*Commercial Break*

Kip Sabian & Jimmy Havoc W/Penelope Ford Vs. SCU

Number One Contenders Match

The heels attack before the match even begins. Havoc tosses Scorpio to the outside and they double-team Kazarian, but he slams them into each other. Sky pulls Havoc to the outside and Kazarian clotheslines Sabian. SCU hit a double back elbow to Sabian, then Sky hits a backbreaker for a two-count.

Kazarian tags in and hits a spinning heel kick for a two-count. Sabian connects with a jawbreaker and tags Havoc. Frankie hits an arm-drag and targets the arm of Jimmy. Sky tags in and hits a double axe handle, followed by a snapmare and a dropkick. Havoc gets knocked onto the middle rope and Sky kicks him into Kazarian.

Frankie beats Havoc in the corner, then hits Sabian off the apron. Frankie with a roll-up but Havoc kicks out and Sabian hits him. Sabian tags in and they hit a double-team atomic drop and running lariat. Kip blindsides Scorpio and Havoc pokes the eye of Kazarian. Kip slams Kazarian and scores a two-count, then beats him into the corner. Havoc tags in and hits a snapmare as we take an abrupt commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Sabian is stomping a hole into Kazarian. Havoc tags in and he frills Frankie with a forearm, then jumps on his face. Kazarian drops Havoc and they both make tags. Scorpio comes in hot with dropkicks and a belly-to-belly. Sky kicks Sabian, followed by a Cutter and into a dragon sleeper. Havoc interrupts the hold, then gets a tag.

He beats Sky down and drags him to the corner, tags Sabian, and he hits a double foot stomp. Kazarian counters a cheap shot and hits a leg drop to Kip, then tags in and hits an assisted swinging DDT to Havoc for a near-fall. Ford distracts Kazarian, allowing Sabian to shotgun dropkick Sky and he’s rolled-up by Havoc!

Winners: Kip Sabian & Jimmy Havoc

We get a promo from MJF that starts a few seconds in. He says he’s the best performer in AEW and he didn’t have to come from another company to get that moniker. Yet he hasn’t had a title shot yet. Well that can be changed tonight with the Battle Royale match, with him and Wardlow. MJF says Wardlow is his insurance policy and when it comes down to them Wardlow knows what to do. Warlow starts to speak and MJF screams at him, but then Wardlow stares at him and MJF laughs.

*Commercial Break*

Battle Royal

Number One Contender Match

The battle royale features MJF, Colt Cabana, Billy Gunn, Marko Stunt, Luchasauras, Jungle Boy, Orange Cassidy, Luther, Wardlow, Sunny Kiss, and more. The match begins and Cassidy just walks to the stage but he’s attacked by Santana and Ortiz. MJF sits on the top rope with wardlow standing in front of him.

Cabana works with Billy in the corner. Luther knees Marko, then throws him recklessly. Luchasauras grabs Luther and chokeslams him over the ropes onto the apron. Luther Eliminated. Marko tries to tip Luchasauras over but can’t. Sunny Kiss attacks MJF, so Wardlow then throws Kiss out. Sunny Kiss Eliminated. MJF runs out and attacks Kiss on the floor.

Cabana stands with MJF and throws right hands, then ducks a few shots from Billy and hits the bionic elbow. Cabana does the same to MJF, then splashes Billy before being thrown out. Colt Cabana Eliminated. A Dark Order crowd member hands Cabana a leaflet about the group.

*Commercial Break*

During the break there were a few eliminations. Wardlow shoulder tackles Luchasauras, then Marko hurricanrana’s Christopher Daniels out! Christopher Daniels Eliminated. Wardlow then catches Marko, presses him, and throws him onto Daniels on the floor. Marko Stunt Eliminated.

Luchasauras goes toe-to-toe with Wardlow but MJF chop blocks him. Billy then enters the fray and stands with Luchasauras. They start slugging it out but both get thrown out by MJF and Warlow. Billy Gunn Eliminated. Luchasauras Eliminated.

Orange Cassidy finally comes in and he ducks a punch from MJF and his diamond ring, which hits Wardlow! MJF then gets tossed out by JB and Cassidy! MJF Eliminated. Jungle Boy and Cassidy turn their attention to Wardlow and throw him out! Wardlow Eliminated.

Jungle Boy and Cassidy go at it, hitting headscissors and more. Jungle Boy tries to throw Cassidy out but he holds on with one hand. He then flips back into the ring with a headscissors to JB. OC tries to throw Jungle Boy out but he bounces back with a lariat. Jungle Boy hits a hurricanrana over the ropes and eliminates Cassidy!

Winner: Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy will get a TNT Championship opportunity against Cody next week! Also next week, Omega and Page will defend their tag titles next week against Sabian and Havoc. And Chris Jericho will be in action. We take a lengthy look at the awesome Stadium Stampede match from Double or Nothing.

*Commercial Break*

It’s time for The Inner Circle pep rally, with cheerleaders and drummers on the stage. Vickie Guerrero comes out onto the stage and does a little screaming to introduce The Inner Circle one at a time.

There’s a table in the ring with random bags and items on it. Jericho lifts a box of t-shirts and throws them into the crowd. Guevara says they didn’t win the Stadium Stampede match, but they did participate, so he got them trophies. The trophies are random and he says it was hard to find good trophies during a pandemic. Santana got them all random gifts, including Timberland boots for Hager, Vicks for Sammy, a burrito for Ortiz, and a picutre of Mark Anthony for Jericho.

Jericho says he knows Sammy is hurt, he took one of the craziest moves he’s ever seen, and he’s too cool to use crutches. Jericho got Sammy a scooter, and he rides it around the ring. Ortiz can’t hear because he was slammed into the bell at Daily’s Place, so Jericho got him a big pair of headphones and they make him hear again. Hager wrote a poem and reads it, which states he will choke people out if they threaten his boys, and run over all The Elite with his Tesla.

Sammy asks what it is that Jericho wants, and he says he wants Mike Tyson’s head on a platter. He hasn’t forgotten what Tyson did to him on RAW ten years ago. Tyson turned traitor on him and punched him. And ever since then, he’s dreamt of getting his hands on Tyson’s fat head. Sammy says he couldn’t get Tyson’s fat head on a platter, but he did get Jericho a cheese platter and some bubbly. But the cheese has been eaten and the bubbly has been drank.

Mike Tyson comes out with his whole crew – which includes legit killers in Henry Cejudo and Vitor Belfort. They come face-to-face with The Inner Circle. Jericho tells Tyson to shut his mouth, that he’s been dreaming of this moment. Tyson says Jericho deserved what he got, he’s a sucker. Jericho tells him to shut up again and says he has one chance to apologise. Tyson rips his shirt off and poses in Jericho’s face, then shoves him. Jericho shoves back and a brawl breaks out with everyone in the ring. The locker room and officials run down to pull them all apart.

And that’s it for AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you thought of the show and be sure to check out our results for NXT. Until next time, stay safe.

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