Hana Kimura took her own life at 22 years old. An episode of the Japanese Netflix reality series Terrace House featured controversial scene that triggered fans to bully her to the point of taking her own life.

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She cried while discussing the situation. It could have been any other garment, but it was her Wrestle Kingdom gear. This gear was custom made. She stated that you can’t get it at a department store. She went “back and forth” with designers to figure out the perfect look and it was custom made to fit only her. Hana Kimura stated that it cost her “over a grand” to make the gear.

The episode was filmed in January, but aired in late March. In the episode, a cast member named Kai accidentally washed Kimura’s Wrestle Kingdom 14 gear. The problem was how he dealt with this situation and it caused Hana Kimura so much heartbreak.


Hana Kimura did admit that it was partly her fault for not taking her gear out of the washer when she and Kai were going out on a trip before a double date. Then Hana knocked Kai’s cap off his head and got angry at him.

Hana said she worked hard for her gear and didn’t feel as though Kai took it seriously. She then went into how his life doesn’t represent one with much responsibility. During the scene, Hana Kimura said: “These are as important as my life.”

In the end, Hana Kimura did knock his hat off his head. They were having a conversation and it was rude for him to keep his hat on.

The cast members talked about the situation and everything was seemingly resolved. Then when the episode aired fans took to social media and targeted Hana Kimura. This sent her into a downward spiral of depression for weeks before she committed suicide.

You can watch the entire episode of Terrace House below. It is subtitled in English. The story with Hana Kimura’s gear starts at around the 20 minute mark.

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