Vince McMahon Was Particularly Critical Of Recent Backstage WWE Departure


WWE saw a big departure last week, but this wasn’t a release. Michael Mansury left his position as Vice President of Global Television Production. This left a big hole backstage and an even bigger gap in power as well.

It was stated that Mansury would be Triple H’s “Kevin Dunn.” Of course, Dunn is a long-time Executive Producer for WWE and one of Vince McMahon’s righthand men. Dunn was the man who ordered Jim Ross to reveal Owen Hart’s death when JR didn’t know about it himself.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that anyone who is viewed as a possible successor for Kevin Dunn receives rough treatment backstage. Vince McMahon is particularly hard on them as well.

Everyone that is seen as a potential successor to Dunn has their life made difficult and they get constantly criticized to Vince McMahon, who would then hear people talk negatively about the person in the spot. Mansury had also reportedly gotten impatient regarding upward mobility.

It was reported that some were shocked because they considered Mansury a “lifer.” He was with WWE for 11 years before leaving, but the promotions didn’t seem to come fast enough for him.

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