The Undertaker is well-known for his legendary entrances. Smoke would fill the entrance area as a wall of fire created the perfect backdrop for the Deadman to make his way to the ring. There was a reason why Taker took his time.

While speaking with Pardon My Take, The Undertaker revealed why his entrances were so long. It was actually up to his opponent at the time. He stated that if an opponent was a bit less experienced then he got his money’s worth out of the entrance. This created a shorter match so fans wouldn’t be as disappointed.

A lot of times that would just depend on my opponent, okay? Like, if I was working with somebody that was pretty limited or I thought I was gonna have just a real sh*tty match with, I was like, “Man, Imma get my money’s worth out of this entrance.” There were times I would take a little bit of extra time, ’cause I knew the match is gonna be horrible, so I figured I might as well give it to them on the entrance, ’cause they are gonna be disappointed when the bell rings.

Now fans can flock to watch The Undertaker’s matches and pin-point which ones took the longest time for him to make it to the ring.


His entrances are typically pretty epic, but those longer ones were apparently reserved for people he didn’t want to spend a lot of time with in the ring.

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