Report From Scene Of Shad Gaspard Search ‘Does Not Look Good’

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Shad Gaspard tragically disappeared when he was caught in a riptide. He is 39-years-old and all hope is not lost. They are still searching for him. You can click here to watch on-going search efforts. It apparently isn’t looking good.

Gaspard went missing around 4 PM yesterday. He reportedly told lifeguards to save his son first. Then a big wave crashed down on him, and he was gone.

Dave Meltzer reports that a friend of his is at the scene. He stated that the current situation doesn’t look good.

Regarding Shad Gaspard, just heard from a friend at the location right now. It does not look good, they continued the search this morning and no sign of him.

Our thoughts are with Shad Gaspard and his entire family. Hopefully, he is found safe and sound. Right now some might be preparing for the worst.

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