Pro Wrestling World Reacts To Shad Gaspard’s Tragic Disappearance

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Shad Gaspard was swimming at the beach with his son yesterday. Then a riptide carried them away along with other swimmers. Lifeguards rushed to save them, but Gaspard reportedly told them to save his son first.

After a big wave crashed on him, the former WWE Superstar wasn’t seen again.

Waves of support poured Gaspard’s way throughout the pro wrestling world. This is a tragic situation and we can’t imagine the pain his family is experiencing.

Plenty of his co-workers and friends took to social media. Jordynne Grace put it best when she said: “Let’s all say it together: F * C K 2020.” We can only imagine she was referring to this awful story since she sent the tweet out soon after the news broke.

Our thoughts go out to Shad Gaspard’s family, friends, and everyone else who is concerned about this situation. Rescue efforts are ongoing. Hopefully, they will find him safe and sound.

We have posted some early reactions below. There will certainly be plenty more to come.

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