Renee Young Wants To Film TikTok Dance Video With Jon Moxley — CM Punk Weighs In


Renee Young is at home with her husband Jon Moxley. She has a great idea about how to occupy their time, but he’s not about it at all.

Young has a TikTok account, but Moxley isn’t willing to help her with content. She tweeted out that she’s just a girl wanting her husband to dance with her on TikTok. It doesn’t sound like Moxley is going to be dancing on the internet any time soon

I’m just a girl, in quarantine, wishing her husband would do a TikTok dance with her.

CM Punk saw this tweet, and he had to weigh in. “Please no,” the Second City Savior replied.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled just in case the AEW World Champion changes his mind. If Renee Young is able to persuade him into filming a dance video we have to wonder what song would cause Moxley to bust a move on TikTok.

What song do you want to see Jon Moxley and Renee Young dance to? Sound out in the comments below!

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