Aleister Black Opens Up About Opposing Zelina Vega On WWE Television

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Zelina Vega and Aleister Black spend a lot of time together outside of WWE. If they are ever around each other on television the two are opposing each other. Black has squared off against his wife’s clients in the past, but it’s all professional.

While speaking to the New York Post, Aleister Black opened up about working with Zelina Vega on WWE RAW. They are playing characters on television and everything stays in the ring. They are both well aware of the fact that they are playing those roles for television.

She’s super professional and I think we’d like to think we’re both really professionals. It’s just going to work and we play your characters on TV and however we are in private life is what we are in private life. Once we get to work, we got to work and it’s go time. For me, it doesn’t do anything specifically. I think the outside world is more fascinated by the fact that me and my wife are competing against each other than we are ourselves.

Aleister Black and Zelina Vega are open with fans about their relationship outside of the ring. They won’t let their roles on WWE television change what they have at home.

If fans believe that there is a real issue between Vega and Black because of what they do on television, then they’re doing their jobs correctly.

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