Enzo Amore Drops POWERFUL ‘COVID-19 Anthem’ Rap Rock Track


Enzo Amore hasn’t wrestled in a long time, but he’s still displaying his gift of gab. NZO recently dropped a new song that it quite timely as it addresses the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The novel coronavirus is sweeping the country and it has changed everyone’s lives. NZO is from the New York/ New Jersey area and that area was hit especially hard.

NZO, under his rapper name Real1 dropped the “COVID-19 Anthem.” It is an emotionally charged track that takes on the current global pandemic in a rap song. The song has a rock track in the background and mounts to a climax over the four-minute song.

The tag line at the end of the chorus is “F*ck you COVID-19.” This is the kind of song that makes us really miss the rap rock genre as it reminds us a lot of bands who really made that genre popular back in the day.

Is this the best NZO song so far? Sound off in the comments below.

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