Vince McMahon Ordered WWE Announcers To Bury Tag Team

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Vince McMahon has his own reasons for making every decision in his company. Sometimes he just doesn’t want someone to get over.

Arn Anderson witnessed a lot during his long tenure in WWE. During a recent episode of the ARN Show, The Enforcer spoke about the Ascension. The team was once the longest- reigning NXT Tag Team in history. Then they were called up to the main roster and cut a promo about legendary tag teams before they were squashed time and time again.

While they were embarrassed by legends, Vince McMahon was apparently instructing the announce team to bury them on commentary. This didn’t make any sense to Anderson.

“Why would you take any character that is on our show that the company professes to being the number one wrestling company, or the number one sports entertainment company in the entire world, and put them on our TV show with valuable TV time and bury them, have the announcers bury them?”

Vince McMahon is the ultimate decision maker in WWE. When Arn Anderson was asked if McMahon was the one behind the call to bury the Ascension there was only one answer to give.

“Sure. Everything character-wise passes by the big chair [Vince McMahon]. If it’s the last place they go, it goes by the big chair for approval. Make no mistake, characters, angles, you name it.”

The Ascension are no longer with the company as they were previously released. We’ll have to see what they have in store for the indies once those shows open up again. Odds are they are set to prove that they are capable of way more than what WWE gave them to do.

Do you understand why Vince McMahon buried the Ascension? Sound off in the comments below!

Thanks to Sportskeeda for the quote

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