Otis Reveals How He Invented The Caterpillar In Elementary School

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Otis is a favorite project of Vince McMahon’s. His career is flourishing and it appears that he’s only getting more attention as the weeks go by. His finishing move is a Worm-like move, but he calls it the Caterpillar because of the Heavy Machinery reference. The roots of this move goes all the way back to Otis’ childhood.

While speaking to Digital Spy, Otis talked about his popular finisher. It all dates back to days when he was much younger and he was having girl problems.

“It was at a dance party at Elementary School. No girls would dance with me so I had to get the crowd over with my moves. I started shaking my hips and getting going and I waited till everybody was watching – you know, it was a big circle dance, everybody’s looking in there and checking you out. And that’s when I dropped. Bam! It’s a little bit stiffer on the floor than in the ring. And I got love from doing that move, so I just kept doing it. So now every wedding I get sore ribs the day after.”

Otis is in the 2020 Money In The Bank match. We’ll have to see if he has a chance to bust out that move on the roof of the WWE Performance Center.

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