WWE Mystery Hacker Drops Crazy Message After SmackDown


Fans don’t know who is behind all those glitches on SmackDown yet, but the big day might be coming soon. It appears the SmackDown hacker is getting ready for their next move.

Following SmackDown this week, the SmackDown Mystery Hacker’s Twitter account uploaded a very interesting animated gif. This animated gif looked like a progress bar loading up. Then when it got near the end, it flashed the following sentence with a type-o included.

“You have successfuly wasted 10 seconds of your life!”

There is a lot of mystery in this situation. Fans broke down the Hacker’s audio and determined it could be coming from multiple WWE Superstars as well.

This is the second week in a row that the SmackDown Hacker didn’t appear on the blue brand. Let’s see if they will wait until after Money In The Bank to make their presence known once again.

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